Sprint Outlines Fixes for Epic 4G Android 2.2 Update Issues

With the Samsung Epic 4G, a 3G/4G multi-mode Android Galaxy S variant for the Sprint Now Network, having just received its Android 2.2 upgrade from Android 2.1, some users are reporting that they are experiencing calendar synchronization, connectivity, and SD card problems. If you have the Epic 4G and are experiencing any of those issues after the upgrade to Android 2.2, the following procedures have been advised in the Sprint community forums:

UPDATE 1: SD Card Index

If you are experiencing issues with the Camera, Media Player, Gallery, or SD card, refresh your SD Card Index following the steps below and power cycle your device to ensure the refresh takes effect:

Menu->Settings->Applications->Manage Applications->Select All->Scroll down to Media Storage->Select Clear Data.

Update 2: Calendar sync

(solution from Dennis Staub…thanks!)


Select “All” in the grouping at the top and then select “Calendar” then under “Storage” select “Clear data”.

Then go back to the App list and select “Calendar Storage” and do the same. Then open your Calendar then

MENU>SETTINGS>CALENDAR  SYNC>Manage Accounts(Select your account) then un-check it, then  re-check it then go back to the calendar and check to see if the  appointments have sync’d for you.

It is also advisable that users perform a full wipe, or hard reset of their smartphones after performing the upgrade. To do a full wipe, from the main home screen, hit the Menu button, go to Settings, and then Privacy Settings. Select Factory Data Reset after that.

After Sprint has received some customer service calls regarding problems with the update, the carrier has temporarily suspended the roll-out for now.