T-Mobile Vague on Galaxy S4 32GB Plans

While Verizon has ruled out a Samsung Galaxy S4 32GB option in the future, T-Mobile remains undecided it seems as the carrier has refused to either confirm, nor deny, any plans to carry a Galaxy S4 with more internal storage in the future.

With the Samsung Galaxy S4 finally out on shelves in the United States, one of the burning questions left on the minds of consumers is in regards to the Samsung Galaxy S4 is whether the larger storage models will be making it stateside. Currently, the situation remains shrouded in mystery with only a few details coming to the surface.

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The T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4 may never come in 32GB.

The T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4 may never come in 32GB.

We have confirmed that AT&T will indeed be carrying a 32GB Samsung Galaxy S4 in the future though it still won’t say when. We’ve also confirmed with Verizon that it has no plans to carry a 32GB Galaxy S4 in the days ahead, leaving consumers with a 16GB option only. We also reached out to the UnCarrier, T-Mobile, to see if it would be carrying larger options in the future and the answer was both good and bad.

When asked whether it would be carrying a 32GB or 64GB Galaxy S4 in the future, the carrier replied with an extremely vague response:

The T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S 4 includes 16GB of internal memory with the option to expand memory up to 64GB with a MicroSD card, providing plenty of storage for movies, music, games and other application downloads.

In other words, it completely failed to answer the question that we and many others have been wondering about. Of course, this is a glass full, glass empty type of situation. It could be read as T-Mobile saying that its Galaxy S4 sports 16GB of storage and 16GB of storage only. Verizon, when it confirmed that it wouldn’t be carrying the 32GB model, used the microSD card slot as justification.

T-Mobile’s vague statement on the subject also can be interpreted to mean that the carrier hasn’t ruled anything out yet but also isn’t comfortable confirming anything either.

While we tend to lean towards the former, the fact remains that AT&T is planning to offer the 32GB which means that it’s still possible that other carriers might as well.

Still, without a confirmation, it’s at this point, impossible to say what T-Mobile’s plans might be. Again, it didn’t outright deny 32GB or 64GB options. It simply reaffirmed what we already knew, that it carries a 16GB model.

This has become a source of contention amongst current and future Galaxy S4 owners due to the fact that owners can utilize about half of the 16GB’s of internal storage from the get-go.

AT&T still hasn’t said when it will be releasing the 32GB Galaxy S4 but at this point, it remains the only U.S. carrier to have openly confirmed its plans to carry something other than the 16GB model.