T-Mobile To Launch Second Android Phone for $199

t-mobile-mytouch-3g-ofc Yep, $199 is the new entry point for smart phones. T-Mobile sort of made that official with news that the myTouch 3G, the second Android phone, will launch in July. Existing T-Mobile customers can pre-order beginning July 8 with delivery scheduled for late July, and general availability will be in August. The myTouch 3G is based on the HTC Magic which has been available in Europe and Canada. The phone will have Android 1.5 as the OS and they are touting customization of just about everything and also an application called Sherpa from Geodelic that supposedly learns how you use the phone and returns information based on your usage habits. Here’s a quote on that:

At the heart of the T-Mobile myTouch, Sherpaâ„¢ is an application with a built-in learning engine that automatically customizes itself to your preferences. Created by Geodelic, the application learns your likes and dislikes through behavior and user feedback, prioritizing recommended retailers, restaurants and attractions. Seamlessly blending behavior recognition, a recommendation engine and location-relevant information, this combination of learning is exclusive to Sherpa and unlike any experience currently on the market.

It has taken awhile, but I’m interested to see how the Android platform continues to advance in and of itself, as well as its impact on the market.

Via TechCrunch