Verizon Galaxy Nexus Appears in New Official Images

All we can do while we sit and wait for Verizon to officially announce the release date for its 4G LTE variant of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is marvel at it from afar. Yesterday we saw it in the wild’s and today, Droid-Life has snagged some official images courtesy of, you guessed it, Verizon. If you we can’t get our hands on the real deal, well, this is the next best thing right?

As you can see, we have the Verizon logo plastered on the back of the device, and again see the difference in color tone between the LTE version and the GSM model that is currently out in other parts of the world.

Even with the differences, it’s still looking like a fantastic device.

Galaxy Nexus

So, now that it’s November 30th, and with that rumored December 8th release date fast approaching, maybe we’ll see something official on the release date front soon.

Galaxy Nexus

Or not.

Galaxy Nexus

You just never know with Verizon at the helm.