Verizon Galaxy Note 4 Release: Everything We Know

The Verizon Galaxy Note 4 release date situation remains unsolved though, despite Verizon’s silence, we’ve seen important information trickle out over the past few days. Here, with a Verizon Galaxy Note 4 release date in sight, we want to take a look at everything we know about Verizon’s unreleased Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

In September, shortly after Samsung took the stage to confirm the Galaxy Note 4, U.S. carriers made confirmations of their own. Among them, Verizon, one of the United States’ most popular carriers and a likely destination for Galaxy Note 4 buyers. Verizon almost immediately revealed key Galaxy Note 4 details though it, like other U.S. carriers, did not confirm any of the key information.

After a few weeks of silence, Verizon, like its rivals, confirmed Galaxy Note 4 pre-orders. And while AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile all confirmed an October 17th release date for the Galaxy Note 4, U.S. Cellular and Verizon failed to announce any specific details. Verizon, at least, confirmed the price of the Galaxy Note 4. U.S. Cellular did not.

Last week, U.S. Cellular finally confirmed its official Galaxy Note 4 release date and price information. And at the tail end of last week, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular all released the Galaxy Note 4 for the first time. Verizon, on the other hand, has yet to announce a specific Galaxy Note 4 release date leaving pre-orderers and those that skipped the pre-order in the dark.

With Verizon’s Galaxy Note 4 ship by date (for one model) still sitting at October 23rd, and four other Galaxy Note 4 models now on shelves, we want to take a look at everything we know about the Verizon Galaxy Note 4 release date and provide some clarity for those that have either already pre-ordered or are thinking about buying the Galaxy Note 4 on Verizon.

Verizon Galaxy Note 4 Release Date

The Verizon Galaxy Note 4 release date, both online and in-stores, hasn’t been officially announced but all signs point to an arrival later this week just a few days after its rivals.


While we still don’t have a clear cut answer regarding Verizon’s plans, here’s what we know about the release date itself. We know that pre-orders have always mentioned October 23rd as its ship by date. We know that Amazon’s Verizon Note 4 pre-orders point to an arrival a week after AT&T and Sprint. And we also know that Verizon’s customer service has hinted at a release on or around October 23rd.

Verizon’s official response to us was extremely vague and the carrier did not divulge any official release date information. Instead, the carrier directed us to the information on the carrier’s website, information that is extremely broad. At this point, October 23rd and October 24th make the most sense though they should not be considered official.

Verizon Galaxy Note 4 Release Date Prep Starts

While the carrier still has been unable to confirm a specific date to us, the company is still taking Galaxy Note 4 pre-orders through its website. The Galaxy Note 4 is still up for “pre-order” through its online portal though in the past few days we’ve seen one of the shipping dates slip.

Verizon’s black Galaxy Note 4 is still listed with an October 23rd ship by date though the white model is listed with a ship by date on Halloween. Ship by dates are typically very broad and we’ve seen iPhone 6 orders ship out well before their ship by date. In other words, there’s a chance that white Galaxy Note 4 orders will ship out before October 31st.


Last week, Verizon posted its first Galaxy Note 4 accessory on its website, the official  S-View Flip Cover from Samsung. The $50 accessory appears to be available ahead of the Galaxy Note 4′s actual release date.The S-View Flip cover is just one of several official Galaxy Note 4 accessories that are set to arrive this year.

In addition to the accessory, Verizon’s posted support documents for both the black and white Galaxy Note 4 variants. These documents offer basic tips and advice to Verizon Galaxy Note 4 owners. This development, while small, shows that the carrier is making progress with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It’s just a matter of when at this point.

Verizon Galaxy Note 4 Pre-Orders

AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile shipped out their pre-orders a few days in advance. It appears that Verizon may not do the same with its Galaxy Note pre-orders.

From what we can tell, Verizon Galaxy Note 4 pre-orders have yet to ship out. We haven’t seen a single shipping confirmation emerge and chatter amongst Verizon Galaxy Note 4 pre-orderers suggests that early orders are still pending. Pre-orders often get sent out two days before a release date so if October 23rd is Verizon’s date, there’s a chance that we’ll see pre-orders move out tomorrow.


We should also note that Amazon and Best Buy are no longer taking pre-orders for the Verizon Galaxy Note 4 online. It does appear that Best Buy is still taking pre-orders through its physical retail locations though consumers will want to call ahead to their local store to confirm.

Verizon Galaxy Note 4 Deals

Samsung’s $200 trade-in deal still applies to the Verizon Galaxy Note 4 because Verizon still hasn’t released the Galaxy Note 4. Verizon’s trade-in will be offered through October 22nd, or, the day before Verizon is expected to release the Galaxy Note 4 for the first time. This is, at this point, the only pre-release Verizon Galaxy Note 4 deal that’s still available and it knocks a significant chunk off the Verizon Galaxy Note 4 price.