Verizon Galaxy S4 32GB Arrives Tomorrow, But It’ll Cost

Several weeks ago, we reported that the Verizon would be launching a Samsung Galaxy S4 32GB at some point in the future though at the time we didn’t know when and Verizon refused to say. Now, we have a release date and a price as the Verizon Galaxy S4 32GB will arrive tomorrow for a whopping $300 on-contract.

For weeks, ever since we exclusively reported that Verizon would be launching a Galaxy S4 32GB, consumers have been waiting for the release date and pricing to emerge. Today, Verizon finally confirmed the details for that device, announcing that the Verizon Galaxy S4 32GB will be coming to shelves tomorrow and will cost $100 more than the Galaxy S4 16GB.

The Verizon Galaxy S4 32GB arrives tomorrow.

The Verizon Galaxy S4 32GB arrives tomorrow.

Unlike AT&T, which charges $250 for the Galaxy S4 32GB, Verizon will be charging $300 on-contract for the privilege of owning the Galaxy S4 with more internal storage space. Of course, for those that have been waiting or those that desperately need the space, the extra $100 might be worth it. However, for most people, a $100 is going to be quite the hike.

At the very least, Verizon says that the device will be shipping to consumers soon, as it has pegged it with a July 3rd ship by date meaning users may get the device shortly before or after the July 4th holiday.

Obviously, this is big news for those looking to buy a new smartphone especially those looking for one on Verizon and one with a ton of storage. With 32GB of internal storage and up to 64GB of space on the microSD card, the Verizon Galaxy S4 32GB can support up to 96GB of storage which can also be helped by the cloud.

It joins the 16GB model though we don’t expect Verizon to cave any further and offer a 64GB Galaxy S4. What this means for other carriers not called AT&T and Verizon is unclear though the other carriers, Sprint, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular all left the door open for larger storage options.