Verizon HTC One Launch Takes Yet Another Twist

The demand for a Verizon HTC One is still out there but there still aren’t any clear signs of an impending launch despite several twists that have occurred in recent days including another that emerged today in the form of a deal that Verizon is hosting for the Droid DNA, a device that a Verizon HTC One would likely replace.

In February, HTC announced the new HTC One, a flagship smartphone with a 4.7-inch 1080p display, a quad-core processor, Ultrapixel camera that is capable of shooting good low-light photos, the new Sense 5 UI complete with BlinkFeed and Zoe, and a full metal design that rivals that of Apple’s industrial iPhone 5 design.

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The Droid DNA is free until May 21st for those that take advantage of a Verizon offer.

The Droid DNA is free until May 21st for those that take advantage of a Verizon offer.

The device has already arrived on AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile but rumors have surfaced pegging the HTC One for arrival on Verizon’s 4G LTE network at some point in the future. Neither HTC or Verizon have offered up any official information about a possible HTC One, instead saying that they are content with their current device, the Droid DNA.

The Droid DNA has long been believed to be the reason why Verizon held off on an HTC One at launch and it’s the device that would likely be replaced by an HTC One or another HTC flagship device. In a rather peculiar development, and one discovered by Droid-Life, Verizon is offering up a coupon through a referral program that drops the price of the Droid DNA down to free.

It could be that Verizon is simply offering good will to consumers, or, it could be trying clear out stock in preparation for another device’s arrival.

Interestingly, the promotional period ends on May 21st, a day before Verizon and its COO areĀ  set to take the stage at CTIA in Las Vegas and announce something. We’ve heard from one HTC insider who has said that the arrival of the Verizon HTC One is possible and that it will be coming in the “near future.” Earlier reports also pegged the Verizon HTC One as coming out a month or two after the other variants. The other variants arrived in late April, about a month prior to the May 22nd date.

So, given this new twist, a Verizon HTC One launch remains possible for May 22nd. There is also a possibility that Verizon could use the event to announce something Galaxy S4 related, it arrives on shelves the next day, and we know that Verizon has announced LTE plans at CTIA in the past. The carrier is expected to elaborate on its VoLTE plans sometime this year so it’s possible that May 22nd could be the date.

Of course, it’s not expected to roll that service out until the end of the year which means a CTIA event later in the year would make a little more sense.

At this point though, despite the Droid DNA promotion and the other unofficial signs that have cropped up, Verizon’s May 22nd launch date at CTIA remains a complete and utter mystery.