Verizon HTC One Release Date: Yet Another Date Emerges

With the arrival of the Verizon HTC One sign up page, consumers have to assume that a release date is getting closer. However, the exact date remains unknown and it appears that Verizon itself may not have a Verizon HTC One release date set in stone as another possibility has emerged today.

The Verizon HTC One was first announced back in early June and given a summer release date. However, as summer has raged on, HTC and Verizon still haven’t given prospective buyers any concrete information in regards to the HTC One. Instead, we’ve seen the carrier silently kill off the Droid DNA and Droid Incredible 4G LTE while also launching an HTC One sign up page, all signs that we’re getting closer to launch.

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The HTC One remains unreleased on Verizon.

Rumors have suggested an assortment of release dates including August 15th and August 29th. And now, thanks to Droid-Life, we can throw another Verizon HTC release date into the hat.

Apparently, at least one retailer thinks that Verizon might be planning to release the Verizon HTC One on August 23rd. That same retailer also has heard August 29th as a possibility. So it appears that Verizon might be juggling dates around to accommodate its other smartphone launches that will be taking place during the month of August.

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The HTC One has shown up on Verizon's website.

The HTC One has shown up on Verizon’s website.

We know that Verizon is planning to launch the Droid MAXX and Droid Ultra in August, though it appears that their shipping dates have been pushed to August 27th. The retailer seems to think they will become available on August 27th though it appears that Verizon will still have them in stores on August 20th. The retailer also thinks the Moto X release date on Verizon will land on August 29th, something that has been rumored before. So that makes August 23rd a real possibility despite Verizon’s silence.

Given all of these launches, Verizon may be having trouble trying to find a spot for the HTC One and thus, all of the rumored release dates. Keep in mind, the press image that we’ve seen also contains a September 5th date which could allude to a September 5th release date. That remains unconfirmed as well.

Verizon’s HTC One is expected to bring all of the current HTC One features to Verizon but also add Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, something that has yet to hit the devices on AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.