Walmart iPhone App Helps You Find the Right Aisle, Coupons & More

Walmart announced new iPhone and iPad apps today that the retailer hopes will make shopping at their stores a more pleasant experience.

The new Walmart iPhone app includes shopping lists, coupons and tools to stick to your budget, but the most exciting addition is the ability to find out which aisle your items are in.

This new find your item feature is rolling out in a limited number of stores, but should eventually arrive at a Walmart near you.

Walmart iPhone appAs a shopper that is occasionally at Walmart, I can’t tell you how awesome this is. Most of my trips to Walmart are for a random item or two, and result in 15 minutes of searching for something. Since there is never a staff member on the floor to help, this app will let me get in and out without wasting time.

If you do all of your shopping at Walmart, this feature will help you map out your shopping trip for the most efficient route.

The Shopping list feature is also a nice addition, allowing you to speak your list to the app without stopping to separate your items. So, you can say, “Milk, bacon, deodorant, Modern Warfare 3, taco shells, Cheetos and Mountain Dew,” and the app will turn that into a list with separate items. You can also add items by scanning the barcode of an item you have at home.

The budgeting tool will check the local prices so you know how much you have ot pay before you head to the store. You can email or share your shopping list, so it easy to send the grocery list to your spouse, roommate or teenager.

The app will help you find coupons for your items, but unfortunately you will need to print them out in order to use them. I’m really looking forward to the day that a big retailer delivers a real digital coupon app that I can count on, and it looks like I will have to wait again.

Via GigaOM