What Happens to Free HTC ThunderBolt Tethering on May 15th?

HTC Thunderbolt free tetheringWhen the HTC ThunderBolt launched back in March, it came with free wireless tethering as one of the perks. The free 4G tethering ends on May 15th, which means you’ll no longer be able to use the mobile hotspot app without paying up.

We’ve been wondering if the promotion will automatically charge customers until they cancel it, or if it would end and leave people who tether without a connection when they need one.

Good news, we checked in with out Verizon contacts to see what would happen and it looks like Big Red got it right this time. Users won’t need to take any action to avoid being charged and those who want wireless tethering can add it right form their phone.

After the promotion ends May 15, customers who initiate the hotspot will be advised to add Mobile Hotspot for a yet-to-be-determined price. If they choose not to add it, then they won’t be charged and won’t be able to use it. In short, the customer must opt-in if they want to continue using it after May 15. – Verizon Wireless

The only thing we are left wondering is how much the personal hotspot plan will cost on the ThunderBolt. Currently the mobile hotspot feature is listed on Verizon at $20 for 2GB of data for 3G phones, but there is no pricing listed for 4G devices like the ThunderBolt and the upcoming Droid Charge.

We really hope that the pricing is better than what you see on a 4G hotspot or USB Modem. The prices start at $50 for 5GB, which is the same as the 3G mobile hotspot pricing. This gives us hope that Verizon will stick with the $20 a month plan, even if users will plow through the 2GB faster than you can say, “Wow that’s fast!”