Windows Phone 7 to be Number 2 OS by 2013, Not 2015 Thanks to Nokia

While analysts have originally predicted that Windows Phone 7 will be the leading smartphone OS, beating out Android, by 2015, recent research from Pyramid is predicting that the Microsoft mobile operating system will beat the original date by two years thanks in large part to the partnership with Nokia.

While Android will continue to grow beyond 2013, its growth will slow down compared to the skyrocketing surge in 2010 and 2011. Even though WP will maintain the leadership from 2013 through 2015, the battle with Android will be fierce going forward and will result in many overtakings and ties between the two operating systems going forward – all at the expense of iOS and BlackBerry, which will experience a losing streak. While RIM and Apple are powerful players in the smartphone market, their desire to limit their mobile operating systems to their own hardware has antagonized large manufacturers, such as Samsung, LG and Nokia, who have the capacity to enjoy the benefits of economies of scale and whose devices account for an overwhelming portion of the smartphone market.

According to Pyramid Senior Analyst Stela Bokun, Windows Phone 7 should be picking up momentum and experiencing huge growth rates. Coupled that with Nokia’s ability to deliver phones–and Windows Phone 7 devices–at multiple price points in multiple countries, Windows Phone 7’s adoption should increase substantially. If Nokia could repeat what it had done to create huge economies of scale with Symbian to gain the top phone and smartphone maker spot with Windows Phone 7, it could help Microsoft rise to the top as well.

Bokun also notes that the Android’s advantage of having multiple manufacturers create different hardware using its OS is removed since Microsoft also licenses its OS to other manufacturers besides Nokia.

Gains made by Windows Phone 7 in market share comes at the cost of iOS and BlackBerry.

Via: BGR