Would you Swype instead of type?

TechCrunch has leaked a video comparison of the new typing system called Swype that allows a user to type by dragging their finger from one key to the next on their handheld touchscreen device. Accuracy is enhanced by a predictive system devised by the creator of T9. The first device to use the system, which is shown in the video, will be the Samsung Omnia II on the Verizon network. Swyping, I’m sure, will take a bit of practice to pick up, but it looks effective and energetic.

Quite frankly though, this isn’t the best comparison. Two different styles are compared, one finger on portrait vs. two thumbs on portrait, and the pacing on both strikes me as rather casual. Wasn’t hard to beat the Swype demo with my one-thumb style. However, I suppose the point is to demonstrate increased speed without increased effort, which is more broadly useful. Wouldn’t mind giving it a try.