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10 Billion Apps Promo Day 2: Today’s Best 10 Cent Android Apps



We’re on Day 2 of Google’s 10 Billion Android Apps celebration. If you didn’t scoop up yesterday’s 10 cent apps, there’s still time as of this posting. And the new batch is already live, though not yet on the landing page (thanks Android Central!).

There are several really good apps on this list. I just bought a bunch myself. Here are the best of the bunch:

Fruit Ninja — A highly addictive game that won’t wear you out the way Angry Birds does, especially when you’re going for all 3 stars on every level. The goal is to slice fruit, avoid bombs, and have fun. It works just as well on small screens as on big ones.

Fruit Ninja

AirSync by DoubleTwist — The doubleTwist media player is free, but if you want to sync you music, playlists, and videos to your Android phone wirelessly,  you’ll need the AirSync add-on, which usually costs $4.99. It’s worth it to keep your music organized. Plus, the doubleTwist desktop app will transcode video files to Android-friendly formats for you automatically. Definitely grab this while it’s still just $0.10.

Read It Later Pro — I use apps liek this to quickly save web pages before getting on the subway in the morning. If you use your phone or tablet while not connected to the Internet, it’s a seriously useful app.

Beautiful Widgets — I’m a big fan of HTC Sense widgets, but can’t get them on my non-HTC Android devices. Enter this app, which provides users with tons and tons of useful widgets, including one that mimics the functionality of the clock/weather widget HTC phones are famous for.

SwiftKey X — Love this keyboard. The predictive text technology is far better than your average Android keyboard because it learns from your typing and tries to predict what word you want to type even before you begin. It doesn’t predict accurately all the time, but it does help me type faster by offering up the words I want more often than not. This is the phone version, not the tablet one.

SketchBook Mobile — If you’re a visual artist and want to get into using your tablet to create art, this is a must-have app. It would go really well with the ThinkPad tablet, but really any tablet and capacitive stylus combo will do.

There are more apps to choose from, so keep your eye on the Market.



  1. John Burke

    12/07/2011 at 12:49 pm

    Just a note that SwiftKey X & SketchBook Mobile were from yesterday.

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