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10 Exciting Gears of War Xbox One Details



New Content

New Content

On stage, the developer confirmed that the game will come with brand new content. While it hasn't elaborated on everything coming with the Gears of War remaster, we already have a few exciting details to look forward to. 

The company's confirmed plans to release a Civilian Anya Multiplayer Skin that gives you another look for Anya Stroud. Those familiar with Gears of War 3 will instantly remember Stroud. The skin will allow you to play as this character in online multiplayer.

The game is also coming with an Animated Imulsion Weapon Skin. This skin offers an "ominous pulsing yellow effect that may distract" your enemies in multiplayer games. It's a neat little touch. These are just a few of the new items coming in the remaster and we're excited to see what else Splash Damage and Microsoft have up their sleeve. 

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