10 Exciting iOS 9 Features You Haven't Heard About
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10 Exciting iOS 9 Features You Haven’t Heard About



We’ve already run down some of the most exciting iOS 9 features, but there are a lot of smaller new features in iOS 9 that will change how you use the iPhone and iPad. Here is a closer look at these overdue iOS 9 features that will help you use your iPhone and iPad better this fall.

The iOS 9 release date arrives in late 2015, likely in late September right before the new iPhone 6s release date. Apple confirmed that any iPhone or iPad running iOS 8 will get the iOS 9 update this fall, and with it new features.

Overall the iOS 9 update doesn’t deliver the same visual overhaul as iOS 7 or the connectivity features of iOS 8, but it does finally bring some important and overdue features to the iPhone and iPad.

Check out10 exciting, un-announced iOS 9 features.

Check out10 exciting iOS 9 features.

[contextly_sidebar id=”P8MfmFqOpCXDsqQzlWMoeXbRYeT8NcHA”]Apple did not announce these new iOS 9 features on stage at WWDC when the company showed off the new update and these are not featured on the iOS 9 preview page. Some are close to hidden iOS 9 features, while others simply appeared in the iOS 9 betas and did not warrant a mention on the Apple website yet. We occasionally see Apple remove small features, so keep in mind that Apple might remove some of these features before the official release.

Check out what’s new in iOS 9 for a look at the bigger features coming to the iPhone and iPad this fall.

After using the iOS 9 beta for a month we discovered a collection of small, overdue and important iOS 9 features that improve the iPhone and iPad experience. Here is a closer look at 10 of these new iOS 9 features.

10 Exciting iOS 9 Features You Haven’t Heard About

Quickly Go Back to Your App

Quickly Go Back to Your App

When you follow a link out of an app to another app or web browser on iOS 8 you have to double tap the home button and choose the app to go back, which is a pain when you need to look at a document or a webpage and reply to someone.

With iOS 9 there is a new option at the top of the screen that says Back to App Name. Tap on this to quickly go back to the app you were in. You don't need to turn this on to use it, just look in the upper corner to go back. Google apps offer a similar feature already, but this is built-in to iOS 9 for all apps to take advantage of.

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