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10 Exciting Shenmue 3 Release Details



Tons of Kickstarter Perks

Tons of Kickstarter Perks

 There are a number of other interesting Kickstarter perks as well. 

While the rare $10,000 options are now taken, there are a number of other tiers still available and many of them come with some extremely cool perks. 

For instance, if you donate $500 to the cause, you'll get a toy capsule box set. 928 people have already donated $500 so it's clear that this has a lot of people excited. You can also donate $300 and get a collectors edition that's signed by Yu Suzuki and comes with a unique Arcane Technique Scroll. 

There are only 30 days to go before this Kickstarter closes up shop you'll want to make a decision in the near future. 

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