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10 Important Galaxy Note 5 vs. Galaxy Note 4 Details



Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Release Date

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Release Date

We haven't heard anything about the specific Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date. Galaxy Note 5 rumors have mainly been focused on the device's specifications and other smaller details. Given how early it is, Samsung probably has a target goal but it may not have a precise release date set in stone. We do have one clue and it comes from Samsung itself. 

Samsung recently confirmed plans to release its Samsung Pay platform in September. Samsung Pay, its Apple Pay competitor, was originally confirmed alongside the Galaxy S6 back in February. It was delayed until the fall. 

Analysts believe that the Samsung Pay launch will coincide with the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. In other words, we could see the device arrive in September. This is the same month that Samsung launched and released the Galaxy Note 4. 

The point is that most people think that the Galaxy Note 5 release is far off in the distance. A few months from now at least. That's not ideal for those of you looking to get rid of your current phone right now but it's what you must live with. 



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