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10 Important Galaxy Note 5 vs. Galaxy Note 4 Details



Galaxy Note 5 Processor & Big Battery

Galaxy Note 5 Processor & Big Battery

In addition to design tweaks, Samsung always swaps out old hardware with new hardware. We haven't heard too much about the Galaxy Note 5 camera but we've heard that there could be two big spec changes on board the Galaxy Note 5. 

SamMobile's been pretty accurate over the years with Galaxy rumors and it believes that the Galaxy Note 5 will one up the Galaxy Note 4 with a new Exynos 7422.

Samsung's new Exynos 7422 will supposedly combine "the CPU, GPU, RAM, storage, and modem on a single chip." We don't have any benchmarks to speak of but a new Galaxy Note is always more powerful than its predecessor. Nothing to worry about here. 

The other big change could be to the battery. Reports point to a gigantic 4,100 mAh battery. To put that into perspective for you buyers out there, the Galaxy Note 4 comes with a 3,220 mAh battery and it provides outstanding battery life.

There's a good chance that the Galaxy Note 5 battery will be much smaller but we'd expect Samsung to focus on battery life. The company's made it clear that battery life will be a focus moving forward. 



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