10 Things the Galaxy S8 Can Do


Fast & Wireless Charging

Fast & Wireless Charging

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ have pretty good battery life. Even better though, is how fast they recharge when its actually needed. Using USB Type-C and something called Quick Charge 2.0 the Galaxy S8 recharges extremely fast. 

It can recharge from 0-50% in just 25 minutes. Meaning a quick drive home or while getting ready in the morning can almost get you enough to last all day. It's extremely fast. These phones recharge from 0-100% in around 95 minutes. Which is much faster than your old phone probably recharged. 

Additionally they support both major wireless charging standards, as well as Fast Wireless Charging. Get a Samsung Wireless charger dock and just drop your phone on the dock, and it charges without any wires. Pick it up and go with ease. Samsung's chargers are faster than most wireless chargers too. Thankfully it supports Qi chargers, and PMA charging mats like you find in cars, Starbucks or hotels. Meaning any wireless charger can add battery to your Galaxy S8 in a pinch. 


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  1. wani ezryl *

    05/08/2017 at 11:12 pm

    the headphone jack is also important for selfie stick (monopod) control. so, yay for the headphone jack!


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