10 Reasons Why You'll Love the iPhone 5s
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10 Reasons Why You’ll Love the iPhone 5s



It's One of the Best Budget Phones Out

It's One of the Best Budget Phones Out

Because the iPhone 5s is no longer a flagship, it comes without a flagship price tag. The iPhone 5s is sold for $99 on-contract through the Apple Store, a far cry from its $199.99 price tag that Apple adopted from 2013-2014. That's top dollar though. 

If you look around, you're bound to fine some cheaper iPhone 5s deals. We've seen more than a few in recent months and we expect to see more deals pop up as we get closer and closer to the rumored iPhone 6s release date. 

The iPhone 5s is cheap and we absolutely love that because the iPhone 5s is still an excellent phone, one that's better than most phones at its price point.

We've already told you about its outstanding software support and now we want to point out some of the hardware features that help keep the iPhone 5s afloat nearly two years after its release. 

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