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10 Things to Know About the iPhone 5s iOS 8.4 Update



A week ago, Apple rolled out the iPhone 5s iOS 8.4 update to users in the United States and around the world. And in that week, we’ve seen a number of new details emerge. With a week under our belts, we want to take a look at the most important things to know about the iPhone 5s iOS 8.4 update.

Earlier this year, Apple confirmed an iPhone 5s iOS 8.4 update and iOS 8.4 updates for its other devices powered by the iOS 8 operating system. At the time, the company failed to confirm a solid iOS 8.4 release date for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch leaving that announcement for another day.

At WWDC in June, Apple confirmed iOS 8.4 again alongside Apple Music. The company did not outline a specific release date but most assumed it would arrive before or on June 30th. On June 30th, iOS 8.4 pushed out to iPhone 5s owners and other iOS 8 users bringing Apple Music, enhancements and fixes along with it.


iOS 8.4 is a big update and it’s one that will probably serve as the last big iOS 8 update before the arrival of Apple’s upcoming iOS 9 release. The iOS 9 release date hasn’t been confirmed but we know that it will arrive sometime this fall. Rumors suggest that an iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will join it.

In the week since the iPhone 5s iOS 8.4 release, we’ve seen new and important information emerge. We’ve also been keeping tabs on the update’s performance in an effort to provide a clear picture to those who are interested in the software. With all that in mind, today we want to take a final up close look at the iOS 8.4 update for iPhone 5s.

This will fill you in on what you need to know right now and it will also tell you about some of the important things you should know about the future.

iPhone 5s iOS 8.4 Review

iPhone 5s iOS 8.4 Review

We have been using Apple's iPhone 5s since its release back in the fall of 2013. We've endured many iOS updates, some good and some bad. And like the good guinea pigs that we are, we decided to install the iOS 8.4 update for iPhone 5s the second it was released last Tuesday. 

For the most part, our iOS 8 experience on the iPhone 5s has been excellent. While we ran into some initial problems with Bluetooth, the past few iOS updates have provided smooth sailing in key areas including battery life, UI speed, and connectivity. 

Earlier this week, we shared our full review of the iPhone 5s iOS 8.4 update and it will go into depth about the update's performance on the former flagship iPhone. This review doesn't focus on the update's features. Instead, it's focused on its performance. It's worth a look if you're on the fence about iOS 8.4. 

iOS 8.4 is an update that we think all iPhone 5s users need to consider especially those dealing with problems. We don't know when Apple's next iOS update will land and it's possible that iOS 8.4 will be the final update for iOS 9. 

That said, we encourage you to seek out feedback from other iPhone 5s iOS 8.4 users. There are a number of places to do that but we recommend checking social media, Apple's discussion boards or Apple-centric forums like MacRumors.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Linda

    07/24/2015 at 5:05 am

    Hello is there any problems installing the iOS 8.4 app to an iPhone 5c, I’ve heard data can be lost, look forward to your reply, regards Linda

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