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11 New FIFA 16 Features



Exciting new FIFA 16 features promise to add realism to the game, strike a better balance between offense and defense and solve many common complaints from FIFA 15 and earlier games. In this deep dive we’ll look at what’s new in FIFA 16, specifically what’s changed from FIFA 15 and how these upgrades will change how you play.

EA did not show much actual FIFA 16 gameplay at E3 2015, but we do get one closer look with in game footage that highlights the new FIFA 16 features on the pitch with the in-game engine so that you can see what FIFA 16 gameplay can deliver.

We expect to see a FIFA 16 demo later this year about two weeks before the FIFA 16 release date and on Xbox One EA Access promises five days of early FIFA 16 play that will let gamers try the new FIFA 16 features first.

Check out the most exciting new FIFA 16 features.

Check out the most exciting new FIFA 16 features.

The FIFA 16 release date arrives on September 22nd for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. There is also a version coming for Xbox 360 and PS3, but it will not likely get all of the features outlined in this roundup. Gamers can score an early FIFA 16 deal for $38 after all savings are added up.

EA Sports offers a standard edition for $59.99 and a FIFA 16 Deluxe Edition for $69.99 with 40 FUT packs and access to Lionel Messi and new celebrations.

Check out the most interesting and exciting new FIFA 16 features coming later this year.

Swing Step Defender

Defenders will now stay with skilled attackers better to deliver a more balanced game. One of the ways this happens is with Swing Steps that allow the defender to easily transition as the attacker shifts from side to side in an attempt to make space.

This small upgrade means that defenders can stick with high-rated strikers more realistically, which brings more realism and balance to FIFA 16.

Major Defender Upgrades

Defenders will now play as a unit better, and adapt to the fluid nature of soccer better. One example EA delivered at E3 2015 focused on a change in possession, but this is an AI upgrade throughout the game for defensive players.

Here’s how this may play out, and how it is different from FIFA 15. If your opponent steals the ball in midfield, your defensive backs will now recognize the shift and move to defend faster and players will get back into position quicker as well.

You’ll also see defenders make better decisions to leave a man and go to another player who is running towards goal.

Insane FIFA 16 Slide Tackle Upgrades

In FIFA 15 when you slide tackle, you are committed to that attack even if the opponent changes direction or avoids. With the new animations and contexts in FIFA 16 you can recover from a slide tackle to steal the ball away.

This sounds like something that could be too powerful, but the demonstration EA provided showed Marcelo defending against Messi with a powerful recovery. Marcelo goes in for a slide tackle and as Messi attempts to slip the ball over the tackle the player can press slide tackle a second time to pop up and if possible steal the ball back.

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