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12 Best OnePlus 3T Cases



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SPARIN Shock-Proof OnePlus 3T Case

SPARIN Shock-Proof OnePlus 3T Case

SPARIN is another brand we've used time and time again when it comes to smartphone protection and cases. Known for offering some really impressive drop-protection. The new SPARIN Shock-proof OP3 cases are worth another look. 

This case is ultra slim and lightweight, without losing out on protection. In fact, it has three different materials that complete the entire design. On the inside is a soft and shock absorbing TPU shell. The outside has a hard and laser cut polycarbonate shell, and there's a durable plastic bumper on the sides. All of this combines together to be thin, easy to hold, lightweight but super strong. It has an odd dotted design, but it's not bad for $7.99.

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12 / 12


  1. Jitendra Soni

    02/12/2017 at 11:12 pm

    These are definitely thebest OnePlus 3T cases and covers. Not only these cases add value and style to the OnePlus 3T but also protect the phone. I have a poor habit of dropping my phones often hence cases and covers are my first priority

  2. ilkka

    02/20/2017 at 10:17 am

    Hi. Yo have done lot of nice cover for 1 plus 3T.
    Could you replay this mail for my friend, balen jazz,
    if you have that teak-style-colour, including place for 3 cards, and
    if you have, we like to order those. pleas, make sms or call,
    to Balen, i´m near to listening goods, regards, ilkka.
    +358400569891 or my number +358400474994,
    Thanks, and let us know more from your covers and products.
    [email protected]

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