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2020 MacBook Air: 5 Things You Need to Know



The 2020 MacBook Air is $999, offers double the performance, double the storage and it includes Apple’s new keyboard. With much-needed improvements, the MacBook Air stands out as a tempting option for buyers. This is what you need to know about the new MacBook Air.

Apple removed the problematic butterfly keyboard from the MacBook Air and now uses the scissor-switch style from the 16-inch MacBook Pro. This new version feels better to type on and it is more reliable.

Even with more storage and new features, the new MacBook Air is cheaper at $999 and it is available for just $899 for students and teachers. The 2020 MacBook Air is available to order online starting today and it will be in Apple Stores next week.

2020 MacBook Air Keyboard

The new and improved 2020 MacBook Air keyboard.

The biggest change and one that will likely convince many buyers that it is time to upgrade is the New Magic Keyboard. The old-style on the MacBook Air had a higher failure rate, wasn’t as comfortable to type on and in general, was not something most users liked. The New Magic Keyboard uses a scissor-switch, offers 1mm of travel and switches to the inverted T style arrow keys.

We’ve been using this on the 16-inch MacBook Pro since the late last year and it is a clear improvement. You can expect the same performance from the keyboard on the MacBook Air.

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2020 MacBook Air Performance & Specs

The new MacBook Air features an Intel 10th Gen Ice Lake processor that Apple says offers twice the performance of the old model. This means you’ll get faster performance for day to day tasks. The upgrade also includes an 80% boost in graphics performance, so editing short videos will be easier. We’ll check and see if this update means this is a good casual gaming or Fortnite laptop. This is the first MacBook Air that is capable of powering a 6K external display.

Apple doubles the base storage to a more respectable 256GBB, and you can configure it up to 2TB if you need a lot of storage. In addition to these changes, Apple also includes upgraded stereo speakers and a new three-mic array that should help you sound better when on conference calls or recording a message on your laptop.

Apple includes a T2 security chip and Touch ID is still a part of the new MacBook Air.

2020 MacBook Air Price

The 2020 MacBook Air starts at $999 for most buyers, but students and teachers are able to buy it starting at $899. If you add on all the options for the higher-end model, you can price out a MacBook Air up to $2,249.

2020 MacBook Air Release Date

You can buy the 2020 MacBook Air today.

The 2020 MacBook Air release date is today for online orders. You can buy the MacBook Air in the app or on the Apple Website. The press release says that the new models will be in stores by next week, but Apple stores are currently closed due to Covid-19. If you want a new model, your best bet is to order online. The delivery dates are between March 23 and 25th right now.

2020 MacBook Air Deals

There are no 2020 MacBook Air deals yet, but typically we start to see discounts on new MacBook Air models within a few weeks from third party retailers. We expect to see B&H Photo and Best Buy offer up discounts by the end of the month, so you may want to wait and see what they offer.

You can lock in trade-in value for your old laptop through Apple to help cut the cost.

5 Reasons to Buy the 2020 MacBook Air and 2 Reasons Not To

Buy for a New Keyboard

Buy for a New Keyboard

The 2020 MacBook Air gets the same keyboard as the Macbook Pro 16, and that is a major upgrade. 

The new MacBook Air keyboard offers more travel, a better arrow key layout and most importantly it is more reliable. The switch from a butterfly keyboard to the scissor-switch is a nice move and it may be the biggest reason for you to buy the 2020 Macbook Air. 

After using this keyboard for months on the 16-inch MacBook Pro this is a big deal, and it's held up well over time. 

If you type on your MacBook Air often, don't wait, buy the new model today. 

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