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2020 Nissan Titan Saves You Time and Reduces Your Stress



There’s something special about the Nissan Titan. Yes, it’s an excellent pickup truck, but tucked into the dash is a hidden feature that can make your life easier, make you look like you’re super organized, and make it easier to help your friends.

With a tap on the screen, you can connect to a Nissan Concierge. This is a real person, actually a team of people, ready to solve your problems, help you locate a hard to find item and so much more. You can push an on-screen button in the truck, but there are more ways to connect to your personal assistant. You can call, text, or email requests.

What can the Nissan Concierge do? Well, if it’s legal, they can probably do it. While learning about the various levels of help that the service is capable of performing, I discovered that the service is far-reaching. You can actually use Nissan Concierge to help you plan your wedding, or have them help you undo the binds of matrimony (among other things). Driver’s choice. Here’s how a pickup truck simplified my life in 2020.

2020 Nissan Titan pickup truck

The 2020 Nissan Titan includes an impressive tool that saves you time and stress.

The NissanConnect Convenience Package is optional on the SV trim, and standard on the SL, PRO-4X, and Platinum Reserve. With this, you get a six month trial of the NissanConnect service that includes the Concierge. After that, it’s $8 a month.

That is the best $8 a month you will spend on your vehicle, and it may even be the best money you spend all month. Here’s how the Nissan Titan and the team of personal assistants that come with it made my life easier in 2020.

I started out my experience driving the 2020 Nissan Titan to the Gilmore Car Museum for a socially-distanced look at an impressive collection of vehicles. My Nissan Concierge was able to send directions to the Titan, allowing me to use the built-in navigation features to get home. They also offered to call ahead and share an eta, but I didn’t need that service. Still a nice touch.

The Nissan Concierge team can also help with personal shopping tasks. This year the run on outdoor equipment made it hard to find cantilever umbrellas. A friend needed one that was business-friendly and available to order immediately. I sent a text and a few hours later one of my concierge team members sent me three in stock options, complete with pricing, review highlights, and even a coupon code option for the top two picks. This turned a task I would normally spend 30-45 minutes on into something that took me less than a minute.

Canceling services is a giant pain, so why not outsource it? I needed to cancel DirecTV, and I don’t have immediate access to the equipment. Normally a call like this would eat up an hour of my time, bouncing back and forth with a retention specialist who’s job it is to keep me on the service. I can respect that, but right now I need to cut costs. I sent an email to the Nissan Concierge address and soon after they confirmed that DirecTV could ship the equipment return boxes to a different address than is on the account and that I would have enough time to send the equipment back.

After confirming that they should proceed with the cancellation I was conferenced into a call with DirecTV confirmed who I was and that I did want to cancel, rebuffed one last ask to stay and then my concierge thanked me and completed the process. This time-consuming and frustrating task was reduced to about 5 minutes of my time.

Contact your Nissan Concierge from the infotainment system, by phone, by email or with a text.

Even trying to find a place to eat in 2020 can be a challenge if you want to enjoy a socially distanced outdoor meal. I’m driving a lot this year as I test multiple vehicles, which means looking for new places to grab a quick bite. In mid-June, I was able to have my concierge find me restaurants in a new city with specific menu items and a patio or close to a park. In a few hours, I had a listing of multiple restaurants with patios and directions to nearby parks for places offering takeout. My total time spent on the task, about 15 seconds.

Perhaps the most impressive feat was arranging a responsible small birthday celebration for my friend in the middle of a global pandemic. I needed a restaurant with vegan options, outdoor seating, and reservations for his birthday. In a city that’s nearby, but that I don’t know well enough to easily find this on my own. I sent an email and had initial options soon after. Since I was planning ahead they were able to spend multiple days confirming the options and making sure that the restaurant would hold a table. This is important as most patio seating in the areas is first come first serve and there is less of it as restaurants social distance the tables.

After much research and calls to restaurants, my Nissan Concierge was able to confirm a reservation and when they let the manager know that it was for a birthday and that he is a vegan the Chef offered to make a special complimentary dessert for him, as the normal free dessert option was not vegan. This task didn’t take me long at all, and it’s going to make a friend’s birthday extra special. That’s something we all need a little more of in 2020.

The concierge always asks if there is anything else they can do, and in this case suggested searching for gifts or other related items.

The Nissan Concierge service is an invaluable addition to the 2020 Titan. While there are many factors in finding the perfect pickup truck, the addition of a stress-relieving, time-saving assistant as an $8 a month add-on raises the bar for what you should demand in your next pickup.

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