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2021 Ford Bronco Teaser, Bronco Nation Arrives and Off-Road Playgrounds Coming Soon



The 2021 Ford Bronco officially arrives on July 13th when you can reserve one of the three new models with a $100 refundable deposit, and in the run-up to the unveiling, Ford announced a new outdoor brand,  to complement the Bronco lifestyle. This includes the Built Wild branding, adventure playgrounds across the U.S., off-road schools, Bronco gear, and more.

You can watch Ford officially show off the 2-door Bronco, four-door Bronco and the Bronco Sport on July 13th at 8 PM Eastern on National Geographic, ESPN, and ABC as part of the Disney network channels.

2021 Ford Bronco profile

The latest 2021 Ford Bronco teaser shows off three profiles.

“Bronco gave rise to the fun and versatile off-road SUV in 1966, becoming the first enjoyable sport utility vehicle for those who wanted to live, work and play outdoors,” said Jim Farley, Ford chief operating officer. “Like the original, the all-new Bronco family is engineered to take you to epic places, with capability to deliver confidence on any type of terrain.”

Ford outlines three Built Wild principles that go into the testing, capability, and design of the 2021 Bronco. These are;

  • Built Wild Extreme Durability Testing – These elevated Bronco torture tests ensure toughness across thousands of lab, proving ground and real-world extreme challenges in the toughest and harshest climates
  • Built Wild Capability – Confidence to go over any-type of terrain (G.O.A.T.), provided by standard 4×4 and an exclusive terrain management system, plus unique Bronco-variant architectures with class-leading levels of capability and suspension technology
  • Built Wild Innovative Design – Broncos are the future of off-roading and deliver off-road ingenuity, new design innovations coupled with heritage-inspired DNA, plus new-levels of personalization that can flatter the novice and challenge the expert adventure seeker

In addition to sharing these principles, we learn a little about the new Bronco Off-Roadeos, which are coming to four U.S. cities next year. These off-roading and outdoor adventure playgrounds are designed for all skill levels and include experiences to help drivers feel more confident off-road.

Ford is sharing more about the Bronco Nation community and Bronco gear that is available. The Bronco Nation is an online community for off-roaders and Bronco enthusiasts to share stories, adventures, and knowledge as they go off-road in their Bronco. You can also find Bronco gear on Amazon.

The Bronco is a huge part of the Ford history and they are leaning heavily on this as the bring the beloved icon back. The Bronco’s been featured in over 1,200 films and 200 songs. You can hear a sampling of these in the playlist below.

Tune in on July 13th at 8 PM to see the new Bronco unveiling, and you can reserve your Bronco 2-door, 4-door or Sport at that time with a $100 refundable deposit.

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