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iFrogz TadPole Review: Small Bluetooth Speaker

iFrogz TadPole Review: Small Bluetooth Speaker

The iFrogz Tadpole bluetooth speaker is small, portable and affordable. At $19.99 this is easy to add to your keychain, backpack or purse even if you only use it a few times a week. It's also available in four colors including the easy to spot blue on my review unit.

For a small package the iFrogz tadpole Bluetooth speaker delivers loud and clear sound and lasts about 2 hours on a single charge. That's not long enough or loud enough to be the center of a backyard party, but it is perfect for bringing sound to any room in the house or for listening to music while gardening or chilling in a hot tub. The speaker charges with a standard Micro USB cord, so it is easy to recharge

This small Bluetooth speaker connects to any Bluetooth 3.0 device so it will work with any iPhone model and pretty much any Android device you can find. There is a single button to turn the speaker on, which can also pause and play tracks. You'll need to use the iPhone's volume buttons to control the volume.

The iFrogz Tadpole is available for $19.99 from Zagg.

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