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3 Reasons to Pre-Order Madden 23 & 4 Reasons to Wait



Wait for Madden 23 Reviews

Wait for Madden 23 Reviews

EA's confirmed a number of upgrades to gameplay and Madden's game modes. And while we have early previews, trailers and photos, we haven't seen the complete version of the game.

As details about Madden 23 start to trickle out, some of you might be able to make a decision about a pre-order. However, if you still find yourself on the fence, you should wait for the full Madden 23 reviews to come out. 

You can expect full Madden 23 reviews to emerge in and around the game's release date in August. We'll also get early impressions from EA Play subscribers and those who pre-order the All-Madden Edition. 

Many of you will want to wait for reviews covering the full version of the game before making a decision. 

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