4 Reasons Not to Play Clash of Clans Anymore

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile games available on iOS and Android devices, but with the latest update changing a lot of things in the game, here are four reasons not to play Clash of Clans anymore.

Back in December, Supercell released a huge update for Clash of Clans, but instead of making big improvements to the game, the developers merely just changed how some elements work. While they did add a Town Hall 11 and some new weapons, as well as a new hero, this big update really didn’t introduce a lot of new features for a majority of players.

Instead, the update just changed how the game works. It’s like if Parker Brothers came out and said, “Hey! We’re changing the way that Monopoly is being played.” Most people would likely get really upset, and that’s kind of how it’s been with this Clash of Clans update.


If you’ve been contemplating the update ever since its release and aren’t really sure if you should play Clash of Clans anymore, let this be a final nail in the coffin, perhaps.

Here are four reasons not to play Clash of Clans anymore.

Farming Gets You Less Resources

Many Clashers have argued that the new update has severely worsened the farming system, in a way that earns you less resources.


Granted, the amount of loot hasn’t changed much, as I still come across bases that have high resource counts, but in order to get stars during an attack, you have to deploy at least a third of your army, which means more elixir that you have to spend in order to get resources without losing trophies.

Furthermore, the Town Hall now holds more resources this time around, which means less resources that are held in the storage tanks, and since every player has moved their Town Hall deep inside their base, it’s now harder to get all of the available resources from an attack.

Shields Are Harder to Get

Supercell made some big changes to the Shield system, and one of the biggest changes was that having an enemy simply destroying just your Town Hall won’t earn you a shield.


In order to earn a shield, the attacker must destroy at least 30% of your base, while also deploying at least a third of their army.

This seems easy enough still, but you’d be surprised at how often you get attacked without getting a shield. There are many attackers who will deploy their army, but only go after collectors, so you’ll lose a lot of resources and still won’t get a shield, which can get really frustrating.

Everything Is Way Too Expensive

Clash of Clans has always been like this, but everything in the game costs way too much. When you’re first starting out it’s not so bad, but as you level up to higher Town Hall levels, everything is a lot harder to obtain.


Plus, since farming for adequate resources is more difficult now, it’s even harder to save up the cash to upgrade defenses and such.

Our own Cory Gunther says that he has a hard time keeping his builders busy simply because it’s so much harder to gain a lot of loot from attacking, since he now needs bigger and bigger armies to attack all of these new Town Hall 11 bases with his maxed Town Hall 10.

Matchmaking Has Gotten Worse

While certain Town Hall level players aren’t seeing much differences in matchmaking when farming, higher-level players in particular are seeing a difference in matchmaking, and it’s not a good difference.


Cory says that, as a Town Hall 10, he rarely sees Town Hall 9 bases anymore, and only sees maxed Town Hall 10 and Town Hall 11 bases for the most part.

This obviously makes it harder to adequately attack a base and get a lot of resources.

Furthermore, since Town Hall sniping is gone, there are simply just more and more larger attacks, so a maxed Town Hall 9 that comes across your Town Hall 8 base will likely destroy your base and take all of your resources rather than just snipe your Town Hall.

This means that these bigger attacks that are taking more and more loot result in players attacking back all the time just to regain the resources that they lost.

The Bottom Line

Granted, Clash of Clans isn’t completely worthless anymore, and it can still have value. One of the biggest reasons that gamers still play it is for the wars with their clan, and being able to play with your friends and chat with them in-game is a great feature.


However, Clash of Clans is slowly turning into a grind, where you’re merely just slowly saving up to upgrade a defense, and then you’ll have to do it again with another defense.

Especially when you get up to higher levels and walls cost 3,000,000 each, grinding is something that you’ll be doing. Sometime it’s fun, as you can get a sense of accomplish after you’re done, but for a video game there’s very little ROI, which is why Clash of Clans just isn’t worth playing anymore.