4 Ways to Protect the Back of the iPad 2

By now you’re one of a half million iPad 2 owners asking yourself how you protect the back of the iPad 2. We have three of the best ways to protect the back of your iPad 2 without losing the slim form or giving up the Smart Cover.

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Yes, the Smart Cover is “smart” and can hang your iPad on the fridge, but it leaves the back of your iPad 2 open to all types of scratches from counters, tables and all the other gadgets in your bag.

Have you heard the noise the back of the iPad 2 makes when scraped against the MacBook Air? It’s not pretty, so why not protect your iPad 2 from scratches with one of the following solutions.

Clear iPad 2 Back Protection

iPad 2 back protection

Wrapsol Ipad 2 Protection

Wrapsol – for $39.99 Wrapsol will wrap up your iPad 2 front to back and side to side with thin yet durable 3M coating like that found on Formula one cars. If you want to see what this protective fill can handle, check out some of these crazy Wrapsol videos on YouTube.

We’ll have some covers in for review soon.

zagg ipad 2 invisible shield

Zagg invisibleShield iPad 2 Protection

Zagg invisibleShield – a go to protection film for many iPhone and iPad owners, the Zagg invisibleShield offers a clear protection for your iPad 2 covering the delicate backside and even covering the screen for $39.99 or if you only want the back coverage, put up $29.99.

iPad 2 Rear Protection With Style

iPad 2 Gelaskins

iPad 2 Protection Skin With Design

Gelaskins – Starting at just $24.99 you can cover the back of your ipad 2 with one of TK designs from designers, Natural Geographic, Marvel and others. Or, if you want, upload your own design and choose from front and back protection or go with the $20 iPad 2 back only option which offers beautiful and affordable protection. We’ve taken keys to the Gelaskins iPad protective film without any issues.

Zaggskins – Zagg also offers a gadget skin for the iPad 2, though only the WiFi model, starting at $34.99. You can choose from a range of designs including abstract, sports, holidays and more; or create your own skin. If you want to add front protection the total price jumps up to $64.98.

We like these options because they allow you to maintain the slim form of the iPad 2 and work with the Smart Cover, without leaving the back of the iPad 2 open to scratching.

Not only will you be a bit more relaxed with a protective back on your iPad 2, you’ll also be in a better position when you try to sell the it before the iPad 3 comes out.