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The 5 Best Android Smartphones [September, 2013]



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Samsung Galaxy Note 2/3

Samsung Galaxy Note 2/3

The final spot was a hard decision. With the Nexus 4 still on shelves and the LG G2 on its way, those two were prime candidates for this spot. However, we decided on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Note 3 which will be out in some regions on September 25th and will be heading to the U.S. in October.

For one, the Nexus 4 is going to be replaced soon by the Nexus 5. It's clear. The 8GB version has been discontinued and Android 4.4 has already been announced.  It doesn't have LTE which already makes it a hard sell.

As far as the LG G2 is concerned, LG still hasn't proven that it's willing to keep its device supported in the United States. The G2 will likely have the specs, but until LG proves that it will keep devices up-to-date in a speedy manner, it's a hard device to recommend.

So, we have to go with what we know. The Galaxy Note 2 is still a solid buy though we highly recommend waiting for the Galaxy Note 3 which could be out in early October. Verizon's pre-order begins on September 6th and we expect others to follow suit in the near future.

5 / 5
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