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5 Best iPad Stands



iPads are taking the world by storm, and while they’re the perfect mobile device for folks who want ultimate screen real estate, sometimes we just want to sit back and watch a movie on it every now and then. Such a practice requires the iPad to be propped up for hands-free viewing.

With that in mind, there are hundreds of iPad stands to choose from, and everyone has their own preferences on what kind of stand they like. Some want a good stand for watching movies, and others want a stand for gaming while they use a Bluetooth controller.

There are even some iPad cases that come with built-in stands as a two-in-one solution of sorts, but for those who just want a simple stand to prop up their iPad, we have a few choices that we like that you just might enjoy as well.

We decided to pick out some of our favorite iPad stands that range in prices from $1 all the way to $50 for those want an elegant and stylish option that does the job. It’s up to you, though, to decide on which kind of iPad stand you need or want.

Motorola Universal Flip Stand

Motorola Universal Flip Stand

Smartphone manufacturers aren't all that well-known for their own brand of stands and mounts, but we're big fans of Motorola's Universal Flip Stand, which acts as a smartphone stand and a tablet stand in one accessory.

It's not the greatest-looking stand around, but it does its job and it does it well. Our own Josh Smith even uses it for most of his how-to and demonstration videos on Gotta Be Mobile.

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