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5 Best Sprint Phones [August, 2014]



iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s

With the iPhone 6 release set for September, the iPhone 5s' days on Sprint are numbered. Until then, the iPhone 5s will remain Apple's top option on the Now Network.

While the price of the iPhone 5s hasn't seen a significant drop since it was released back in September, it's still a device that lives up to its premium price point. Its industrial design, Retina Display, 8MP iSight camera, 64-bit processor, and iOS 7 software should help to put the iPhone 5s near the top of shoppers lists during the month of August.

One thing to note. Apple may not be offering a discount on the iPhone 5s but we're starting to see retailers slash the price of the iPhone 5s. Recently, Walmart permanently chopped the price of the iPhone 5s and several other well known retailers have offered deals. Don't pay full price if you can help it.

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