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5 Best Sprint Smartphones [February, 2014]



Those looking for a new smartphone on Sprint during the month of February probably won’t find the likes of the HTC M8 or the Samsung Galaxy S5 but they will find an extremely solid smartphone lineup that is backed by a growing 4G LTE network and those unlimited data plans that the Now Network loves to trumpet.

Sprint, along with the other three major carriers in the United States, remain the most likely destinations for most smartphone shoppers. The Now Network, in particular, features some perks that those in the hunt for a new device will certainly want to consider before purchasing a brand new device.

The Now Network’s 4G LTE network has grown immensely over the past year and it now resides in more than 300 markets around the United States. It’s not quite as big as the 4G LTE networks on AT&T and Verizon but it’s getting there.

The carrier also features pure, unlimited data, something that is no longer offered to those signing contracts at the other three major U.S. carriers. This is one of the remaining perks over at Sprint and it’s something that data hogs will need to keep in mind when considering a new carrier.

Sprint also boasts an extensive smartphone lineup that caters to just about every need. And while the carrier hasn’t been very active in the first few weeks of the year, it’s likely going to release at least one flagship smartphone in the Samsung Galaxy S5, a device that is rumored for a February 24th launch.

Of course, its release date is probably not going to land for weeks after its launch which means that those who are interested in a Sprint smartphone any time this month will need to make due with last year’s crop. Fortunately, the crop is pretty good.

Here, to help narrow things down, we take a look at the devices we consider to be the five best Sprint smartphones for the month of February, 2014.

iPhone 5s

Sprint's iPhone 5s is hands down one of the best smartphones on the carrier's 4G LTE network. Apple's current flagship maintains its status thanks to a collection of features that help to make it one of the best all-around smartphones on the market.

The iPhone 5s boasts a solid iSight camera, speedy 64-bit A7 processor, industrial design, iOS 7, and a fingerprint sensor embedded in the home button for added security. Best of all, the device comes with several years of software support thanks to Apple.

What this means is that it should get a number of updates in the future, making it a solid choice for those that wish to sign a contract with their next smartphone.

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