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5 Exciting LG G5 Specs & Features



Here are the details and specs that matter to users who plan to buy LG’s new G5 in March, or sometime this year. This month LG finally announced the February 21st event will be for the LG G5, have been teasing us with photos, and here’s everything we know so far.

After seeing countless leaks and rumors dating back to as early as December, we have a pretty good idea of what LG has planned. An exciting all metal yet truly unique phone with lots of add-ons. And while some of the finer details remain a mystery, all of the important stuff has been detailed in leaked benchmarks, photos and more.

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Whether you still have an old LG G3 or Galaxy S5, are enjoying the latest from Apple or LG, or just want to upgrade to the next best smartphone from LG, we have all the details below. These are the specs, features and changes worth knowing about as the release date nears.


There are multiple big changes coming this year to the LG G5. While each year has been better than the one before it, the past few years the phone has remained the same size, offering sleek bezels with buttons on the back. It’s become a phone and style many people love, and I still know a lot of happy LG G3 owners.

However, for 2016 LG is taking a completely different approach and wants to fight Samsung and Apple head on. The new G5 will have an all aluminum or metal design, come in a slew of different colors (we’ve seen silver and gold leak) and even have two cameras on the back. The buttons are moving back to the side, leaving room for two cameras and a fingerprint scanner on back. That isn’t all though. They have a lot to offer for the first time in LG Mobile history, making this one of their most highly anticipated phones ever.

On February 21st (Sunday) LG will take the stage in Barcelona, Spain for Mobile World Congress and unveil the LG G5. We’re hearing it will be released less than 30 days later, during the month of March. This is months earlier than last year, and 3-4 months earlier than the LG G3. The company wants to take sales from Samsung, not arrive after and hope buyers choose them instead. That all aside, here is a list of five or so exciting LG G5 specs for prospective buyers, those looking to upgrade, or someone who just wants a new smartphone.

LG G5 Display

LG G5 Display

 Again this year it looks like LG will be going with the tried and true 5.5-inch 2560 x 1440 Quad-HD display.  Although we are hearing it could be 5.3-inches instead. Their past phones have offered amazing screens, and this year it should be somewhat improved, and have some neat new features.

Rumors suggested a 5.3-inch screen and a secondary "ticker" display above the main screen like the LG V10, but LG shot that rumor down. Instead the company confirmed its phone will sport a new "always on display" mode. A low power state that displays the time, date, notifications and more. This will barely touch battery life, and should turn off when in a users pocket. We've seen this from Motorola and others, and LG will likely have a few unique aspects of it done their own way.

The screen will be big and bright, have some quick notifications to easily access, and once again compete with Samsung and others in this size category. We aren't expecting anything else too crazy, like a curved screen or anything, but we'll have to wait and see. Either way the G5 will be a perfect size. Not as small as the Galaxy S7, but smaller than the huge Note 5 for those that want a perfect middle ground. That said, the Galaxy S7 Edge is reportedly using the same 5.5-inch size. Tough choice, right?



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