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5 iPhone 5s Cases that Add Fun or Function



The iPhone looks like a beautiful piece of engineering, but it’s also fragile and needs protection. Many users will go to the extreme with something like Otterbox iPhone cases that keep it protected in hardcore environments while others just put a flimsy snap-on case on the phone that offers minimal protection. If a user doesn’t need the hardcore protection of an Otterbox, why not use a case that either adds some fun or looks really cool?

These five iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s cases make the phone look cool or they add something useful to the case instead of just a boring snap on case. After searching for the best iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s cases that add more to the phone, we discovered these five fun and functional cases.

Only one of these cases offers real rugged protection. They do keep the iPhone safe for normal use by the average iPhone user who might bump it, drop it from a few feet or scratch the back while in a pocket or purse with some keys.

TYLT Pillo Retro Case Looks Like a Rotary Phone

TYLT Pillo Retro Case Looks Like a Rotary Phone

Aside from feeling good in the hand and protecting the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s, the TYLT Pillo Retro Case looks cool. I know it protects an iPhone because I dropped my phone with the case on it and nothing happened.

The TYLT Pillo Retro comes in a number of versions. We enjoyed the one with a retro rotary style dialing ring on the back. We only wish it functioned like a real rotary phone. Add the iRetroPhone Rotary Dialer app for free (with ads) or $.99 (no adds) and iPhone owners can dial using an on screen rotary dialer.

The back of the case comes with a cushioned feel and the bumper area around the phone adds some shock resistance. They also come with some stickers that add a raised, cushioned look on the top and bottom of the front side. A collection of Home button covers give some texture to the iPhone 5. They work on the 5s but who would want to cover up the Touch ID button. Customers can also download a matching wallpaper for their iPhone home and lock screen.

The case costs $30 for each of the 12 designs. In addition to the rotary phone look, they offer a 5.25 floppy, a mic, a payphone and more.






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