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5 iPhone Photography Accessories for Better Pictures



The iPhone 5 camera wins the smart phone camera wars most of the time. While the camera works great by itself, the difference between getting a nice snapshot and getting a great photograph with an iPhone might be useful iPhone photography accessories that help improve photo quality.

Here are some useful iPhone photography accessories that can help users get even better shots with their iPhones.

The Glif: Still One of the Best iPhone Photography Accessories

the glif iphone tripod mount

The Glif is small and serves two useful purposes. First, it attaches to the edge of an iPhone, with a threaded hole on the bottom to place the phone on a tripod.

the glif one of best iPhone Photography Accessories serves as an iPhone stand

Second, it holds the iPhone at a good angle while watching videos, typing notes or just keeping track of content onscreen. This makes it one of the best iPhone photography accessories.

Professional photographers tell us that a tripod will help people take better pictures. This product attaches the iPhone to a tripod or monopod. Using The Glif and a tripod, small or large, helps iPhone photographers take sharper shots. Take a picture with a camera app that includes a timer, like Blux Camera, to get in the shot.

the glif plus

Studio Neat, makers of The Glif, offer models that work with either the iPhone 4 or the 4S for $20. Add $10 to get an attachment that provides more stability, and to get a key chain attachment that screws into the threaded hole, making The Glif easy to carry around.

iStabilizer Mounting System

The iStabilizer system turns the iPhone into a stabilized video cameras. The system includes the iStabilizer Mount and a couple of useful accessories: a Monopod and a Dolly. It fits in our list of nice iPhone photography accessories because of its collection of versatile parts.

istabilizer mount and monopod

The mount attaches to most smart phones, including all models of the iPhone. A spring-loaded clamp grabs onto the phone. The included rubber grip holds onto the edge of the phone without scratching it. The mount includes the threaded hole to attach to any tripod.

iStabilizer also sells a monopod. The handle twists and the monopod extends three times its length. Users can hold the mount and monopod out in front of them to shoot video for interviews. Self portraits work with a camera app with a timer. Hold it low for shots looking up or up high to get high-angle shots that others can’t get.

The iStabilizer Mount costs $19.95 and the Monopod costs $34.95. A third accessory called the Dolly ($59.95) looks like the most interesting. It includes four wheels so the user can get video much like a pro film maker would with a dolly.

dolly mount

While we really like The Glif, the iStabilizer Mount offers more versatility because smart phone photographers can shoot with any smart phone, or they can use their iPhone in a protective case.

Photojojo Pocket Spotlight

photojojo pocket spotlight

The iPhone flash works okay for snapshots, but getting high quality flash photos requires adding one of the most unique iPhone photography accessories: the Pocket Spotlight from Photojojo. At only $30, it won’t drain the bank account too much. iPhone and Android phone owners can make use of the the Pocket Spotlight because it connects to the headphone jack of the iPhone and runs on batteries charged up via USB. The battery lasts an hour. The company also sells a set of color filters for an extra $10 that the user carries on a key ring.

Photojojo Lenses

photojojo lenses

In addition to the cool Pocket Light, Photojojo sells a few lenses. All three lenses attach to any smart phone by sticking an adhesive metal ring to the phone around the phone’s camera lens. Then snap one of the three Photojojo lenses to the magnetic ring to hold them in place.

photojojo attachment lens ring

The company offer a wide-angle/macro lens for regular shots or for shooting close in objects. The fish eye lens works for extreme wide-angle shots, while the telephoto lens helps get in close when the photographer’s subject is too far away.

Get all three lenses for $49.99. Buy each lens separately. The Fish eye lens costs $25 while the Telephoto and Wide Angle/Macro lenses cost $20 each.

Outdoor Sunshade and Stand


The Outdoor Sunshade helps with taking pictures outside on sunny days. The sun makes framing a shot on the iPhone screen difficult. The Sunshade attaches to the iPhone and gives the user a shade so they can see the screen a little easier.

sunshade stand mode

Turn the phone over and the Sunshade holds it up. It becomes a holder to take ground shots or to hold the phone on a table for stable images.

The Sunshade connects to cases from Diff. It adds $15 to the cost of Dif cases that range from $30 to $40.



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