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5 More Great Apple Pencil Accessories



Earlier this year we posted Apple Pencil Accessories focused on keeping the Apple Pencil attached to your iPad Pro. This roundup will expand that focus. We’ve got a few things to keep it safe and other Apple Pencil accessories to help you enjoy your iPad Pro and Pencil more. Make sure you check out 7 Best Apple Pencil Holders.

Apple Pencil Review

Belkin Stand for Apple Pencil

belkin base

Do you use your iPad Pro at a desk most of the time? Then the Belkin Stand for Apple Pencil ($24.99) will fit into your collection of iPad and Apple Pencil accessories. The stand holds the Pencil upright with the tip inserted into the perfectly sized hole in the top. The weighted bottom will keep the Pencil from falling over. Inside the hole, Belkin put silicone to protect the tip.

The Anodized aluminum has a bead-blasted finish and comes in gold, silver or gray. This thing is extremely durable and does a nice job both holding your Apple Pencil and protecting the tip.

Keep your Apple Pencil ready to use at your desk. It’s small enough to also carry around for your mobile office.

Belkin Case + Stand for Apple Pencil

belkin case + stand for apple pencil with stand

Imagine an old-fashioned grade school pencil box only for the Apple Pencil. The Belkin Case + Stand for Apple Pencil ($29.99) holds the Apple Pencil in a sturdy plastic box with a black TPU rubber cover that has a softer inner liner.

belkin case + stand for apple pencil holds parts

The case includes a place for your Apple Pencil’s extra tip and the cap. You can store the little adapter that connects your Apple Pencil to your iPad or iPhone Lightning charging cable. A cover slides over the compartment that holds the Apple Pencil extras.

belkin case + stand for apple pencil

Poetic QuarterBack Case for iPad Pro 12.9 with Pencil Holder


Poetic makes inexpensive cases that aren’t cheap. In other words, despite the low price of Poetic cases, they are durable and attractive instead of cheap and flimsy.

The Poetic QuarterBack Case for iPad Pro 12.9 with Pencil Holder  has a very low price coming in under $15. It covers the back of the iPad Pro with a cutout along the left edge so that the Apple Smart Keyboard Cover will still fit on the iPad Pro 12.9. The Poetic QuarterBack Case comes in multiple colors. I love my Green and Gold case themed to remind me of my beloved Green Bay Packers. It has a rugged feel and includes all the necessary cutouts. Get one in black, red/blue, sky blue/black, and white/dark red.


The two clamps along the right edge of the back cover hold the Apple Pencil securely. It’s easy to insert and remove, but won’t fall out too easily.

ZTYLUS Apple Pencil Case


We’ve already published a review of the ZTYLUS Apple Pencil Case ($29). It turns the Apple Pencil into a kind of oversized pen with a rotating mechanism that lets the tip recess into the case for protection. Turn it the other way to let the tip out and use it. The included clip holds the Apple Pencil to your pocket, a computer bag or case or even to the Apple Smart Cover or Smart Keyboard Cover. You can also put your Apple Pencil cap on the top of the clip while charging it.


Installing the case onto the Apple Pencil is easy. It slides into the case and then a metal band screws onto the case tightening it around the Apple Pencil. This keeps it in place while you’re twisting the case to show the tip.

I like that the case adds some bulk making it more comfortable to use the Pencil. It also protects the Pencil and the clip keeps it fastened to your case, shirt pocket or Apple cover.

Moxiware Apple Pencil Magnet

The Moxiware Apple Pencil Magnet ($16.95) made our list of Apple Pencil accessories meant to protect your Apple Pencil and keep from losing it. It’s colored sleeve that snaps to the magnetic edge of your iPad Pro. The Moxiware Apple Pencil Magnet is a slim fit and the magnet is strong enough to snap to the iPad and not fall off easily.


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