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5 Quick Chargers for the Galaxy Note 7



Tronsmart Dual Quick Charge and Type-C Charger

Tronsmart Dual Quick Charge and Type-C Charger

One thing buyers need to keep in mind is the Note 7 doesn't use a micro-USB cable like older Samsung's. Instead it takes the new USB Type-C cable that's reversible, and plugs in both ways. Some cables are small Type-C plugs on both ends and won't work with regular charger, while some have a regular big USB Type A male end, and a Type-C smaller end to plug into your phone. If that makes sense.

The Tronsmart Dual Port 33w Quick Charge and USB Type-C Charger does it all. This has a regular USB output for charging the Note 7 with the provided or extra cables you buy, and a dedicated USB Type-C port as well. Meaning owners can use either type of cord, and still get Quick Charge speeds, not to mention charge two devices at once.

This is the perfect do-it-all charger, and our recommended Note 7 charger.

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  1. Aragon boys internet

    10/14/2016 at 2:15 pm

    iPhone …….. please change battery all because if adapter a little problem or fake not country creat (Samsung) maybe bad happens for cell phone iPhone ……….

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