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5 Reasons You Need a Robot Vacuum Cleaner in 2020



If you’ve been holding off on adding a robot vacuum to your house, now is the time to upgrade your life with a cleaning companion that can sweep and even mop your floors so that you don’t have to spend time doing this.

When you add up how much time you spend sweeping and mopping, you’ll quickly see that you’re spending a lot of time cleaning, that you could be spending with your friends, family, pets or just relaxing in solitude.

Now it’s even easier and more affordable to buy a robot vacuum cleaner. You can save on Roborock robot vacuums on Amazon. The Roborock S5 is $145 off right now and the Roborock S5 Max is regularly on sale. The Roborock E35 is $50 off, taking the price down to $259.99.

Here’s why you should buy a robot vacuum cleaner in 2020;

  1. Save time and money
  2. Reduce stress and anxiety
  3. Cut down on allergy problems
  4. They can clean messes big and small
  5. Easy to control when and where it cleans

Keep reading to learn about why now is the right time to add a robot mop or robot vacuum cleaner to your life.

Save time and money

Save your time or save the money you'd pay to have someone clean your floors.

Save your time or save the money you’d pay to have someone clean your floors.

According to the Burea of Labor Statistics, men spend 10 minutes a day on interior cleaning and women spend 29 minutes a day. Part of that is spent vacuuming. I spend at least 30 minutes a week vacuuming our house, which is over 1,500 hours a year. My house may be on the high side, but even if you sporadically clean, this can save you time.

If you pay for someone to clean your house, cutting the vacuuming and mopping out of the tasks you pay for can save you money every week. This adds up and with models starting at just $269.99 during the Roborock deals on Amazon you don’t need to break the bank to save time and money in 2020.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Cut down on stress from messes.

Cut down on stress from messes.

A clean space is linked to feelings of happiness, calm and wellbeing, according to M.D. Sherrie Bourg Carter. While Dr. Carter is focusing on clutter, a dirty floor can be a major source of clutter and add stress to your day. Adding a robot vacuum and mop to your house can help check off one chore and reduce anxiety about a clean house.

A friend with a robot vacuum gets his kids in on the cleaning, but telling them to put toys and other items away so the robot vacuum can clean. The kids enjoy this and watch the robot go to work. This takes the stress out of telling your kids to put toys away time and time again.

Cut down on allergy problems

Experts recommend cleaning your house regularly if you have allergies, but if you have dust allergies it’s best to vacuum two hours before you are home. That’s tough to with a standard vacuum, but simple to do with a robot vacuum that you can schedule. You can also use the schedule and room setup to make sure not to vacuum the bedroom of an allergic person close to bedtime.

They can clean messes big and small

Robot vacuum cleaners like those from Roborock can handle small messes on hardwood and carpet as well as bigger messes like spilled cereal and other items. The Roborock S5 has the same suction as a standard upright vacuum and a special roller design to handle pet hair. The S5 Max can even pick up objects as heavy as a AA battery.

All the Roborock models mentioned here, from the E3 up to the S5 Max can also clean with a mop that handles spills, dust, and dirt on hardwood floors. Thanks to the design, these Roborock models can climb obstacles up to 0.8 inches like a threshold or a rug to get to the dirt and automatically switch to maximum suction when moving from vacuuming hardwood to carpet.

Easy to control when and where it cleans

Set schedules and cleaning zones to customize where your robot vacuum cleans.

Set schedules and cleaning zones to customize where your robot vacuum cleans.

With a smart robot vacuum like these from Roborock, you don’t need to buy gates to block where it goes. The vacuum uses a laser to map out your house in real-time, and you can then use the app to set no-go zones and to make schedules for cleaning.

You can even use voice control with Alexa and Google Assistant to start or stop cleaning if your schedule changes.

If you’re ready to get a robot vacuum and mop, you can learn more about the lineup at Roborock. There are major deals on popular models at Amazon right now including;

Be sure to check out the reasons it’s finally worth getting a robot vacuum cleaner for more info on what new models can do.

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