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5 Thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2



When the original Samsung Galaxy Note was announced, I’ll admit it. I was one of the people that scoffed and tried to wrap my mind around the fact that Samsung was introducing a smartphone with a stylus that was even bigger than the failed Dell Streak. I won’t be making the same mistake with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t think the Galaxy Note was going to be a complete failure, but I didn’t think it would sell outside of a niche market.

Of course, the Galaxy Note proved me wrong and went on to sell millions of devices around the world. And that success has of course paved the way for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the original Note’s successor, which Samsung plans to introduce to the world on August 29th.

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The Galaxy Note 2 will be announced on August 29th.

It’s a launch that is anticipated not only by those who like phablet-sized devices or the S-Pen sylus, but average consumers are genuinely interested in the Galaxy Note 2.

How do I know this? Any time any of my friends outside of the tech world start asking about a device – and many of these friends are iPhone users – I can tell that a brand or device has made it to the big time.

More than a few of my non-tech friends have asked me about the Galaxy Note 2 and that leads me to believe that similar questions are being posed around the world.

Well, now that I’ve shared my opinions about the Galaxy Note 2 with my friends, it’s now time to share my thoughts about the Galaxy Note 2 with you.

I Don’t Like Big Screen Smartphones, But I’m Still Excited

Plain and simple, I’m not a guy who likes big screen smartphones. I have the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and its 4.6-inch display is just flat out massive. And quite frankly, I probably won’t end up buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. However, that doesn’t mean that I’m not excited about it.


It’s hard not to get excited about a device that could pack a flexible 5.5-inch AMOLED HD display. It’s tough not to be intrigued by the possibility that it combines a quad-core Exynos processor and 4G LTE data speeds.

And it’s hard not to be just a bit elated about a possible re-design, improved cameras, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or above and more.

This is going to be a fantastic device, any way you look at it and it has me pleasantly excited.

Please Don’t Make Us Wait

There is an issue though for consumers like me who live in the United States. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is going to be introduced at an event in Germany, not the United States, which means that a launch in the U.S. might come a few weeks or months after its first launch abroad.

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A lot of that blame has to be put on the negotiations that Samsung has to go through with the tough American carriers, but for once I’d love to see a device, made by a foreign company, arrive in the U.S. on its initial launch day.

Instead, we’ll likely have to endure rumors and leaks and mishaps in the build up to its launch here in the U.S., something that consumers, myself included, shouldn’t be enthusiastic about at all.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Better Be On Board

If Samsung does make American consumers wait, it should at least come with a consolation prize. That prize of course being Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

I have my doubts about Android 4.1 Jelly Bean being the stock software on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 but hopefully Samsung washes those doubts away on August 29th.

I think American consumers would be more inclined to wait for this phone if it had Google’s latest and greatest software on board, software that truly does blow Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich out of the water.

iPhone 5

Samsung is taking a risk by announcing the Galaxy Note 2 during the build-up to the launch of Apple’s new iPhone 5 which is rumored to be coming on September 12th with a release date set for September 21st.

Consumers are going to be inclined to wait for Apple’s big unveil before making a purchase, as they should. Unless you’re fervently against Apple and the iPhone and all they stand for, it’s smart to wait and see what Apple unleashes, if only to keep options wide open.

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And if the iPhone 5 is anywhere near what it’s rumored to be, 4G LTE data speeds and a larger 4-inch screen, it’s going to be a killer device and one that might eat into the Galaxy Note 2’s sales.



The Galaxy Note 2 will be a success like its predecessor.

That’s not to say that I don’t think the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will be a success. On the contrary. I have learned my lesson from the first Galaxy Note launch and the Galaxy S III launch and I know not to bet against Samsung.

The company will go on to sell millions of Galaxy Note 2’s and I’d be surprised if the device didn’t smash the sales of the orignal Galaxy Note .

Will I be contributing to those sales? Probably not but I have a feeling a few of my average consumer non-tech friends will be and that’s music to Samsung’s ears.

Are you buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 2?



  1. Android owns iOS

    08/10/2012 at 3:35 pm

    The iphone 5 will be weaksauce.

    I expect a 4″ display with sub-HD resolution. Weak, underpowered dual-core processors. Underwhelming iOS 6. Only 768 mb of ram. Cheap battery. Over 9000% overpriced for the components that make up the phone.

    Anything OTHER than the iPhone 5 would be a better phone and better priced.

    • James

      08/14/2012 at 12:12 am

      That’s absolutely wrong. A month back, I was a die-hard apple fanboy. Then I came to my senses and realized a couple months after the 5 comes out, every major smartphone company will spit out phones like no tomorrow and each one will literally shit on the iPhone. And since my upgrade is sept. 1, I’d be stuck with crappy phone for the next 2 years. Anyways, Apple knows it’s phones are obsolete, at best. The only thing iPhones have to it of value to consumers is the big apple on the back. The iPhone 5 will AT LEAST catch up to it’s android competition. Expect it’s specs to be on par or slightly – moderately better than those of the Galaxy S3. Why would Apple put out a phone that’s out dated release?Makes absolutely no sense. Expect a minimum of 720 resolution display, although I wouldn’t be surprised to see 1080+, just to make it look like it’s a huge innovation. Amazing top of the notch processors, and at least 1gb of ram will definitely be in there as well. You’re pretty much right on point with the cheap battery and underwhelming iOS 6 though.

  2. Justin

    08/10/2012 at 11:56 pm

    Iphone is a piece of crap. People are supposed to be AMAZED at iphone finally having 4G speeds WHEN Samsung Galaxy S2 (way before s3) had it from a long time ago? Dumb hardcore iphone users that have blinders will oggle at the iphone 5 and not realize that what iphone 5 has, Samsung had from way before, and even made it better. Samsung should go all out and sue Apple for everything iphone did to copy them. If your thinking the opposite, it was Samsungs innovation that makes them better. Instead of suing ppl they just downright make better technology for the consumer insteading of sitting there, and deciding what else they can do to take more money from you (ie. a new 19 pin connector) without creating anything new and innovative for you.

    • Allritch Tessono

      08/13/2012 at 12:22 am

      I’m with you on that bro. Apple doesn’t even manufacturer most of there hardware. Low and behold it was none other than Samsung who’s been creating those beautiful retina display that people marvel about on there Apple products..

  3. Stan Smith

    08/11/2012 at 1:21 am

    I like the enthusiasm this site has for the Note 2… seems like their is a new article daily about it. I have my fingers crossed it will end up on Verizon, its a Day one buy for me if it does.

  4. Robert

    08/11/2012 at 6:57 am

    I agree with android owns iOS, simply because many apple fanboys will buy a phone with long outdated specs just because everyone has an iPhone, and apparently that is what’s “cool”. I don’t see why so many haters or android who most likely haven’t even tried it yet say it’s fragmented. I own iPhone 4 and a note on AT&T, and I couldn’t be any happier just hope it comes with either quad core or launch at same time as international version.

  5. Nathan

    08/16/2012 at 6:34 pm

    There is no reason to wait for the iphone5. The reason I am waiting for the Galaxy Note 2 is because I want to get rid of my apple devices and move away from the walled garden, and the Galaxy Note 2 looks like it will be the most superior phone ever made. All I want to do is be able to drop files onto and off the device, without having to go through iTunes. I don’t want to be told that my phone will be erased when I want to get a file off of it on a new computer. I want a device that is primarily a browser and game device and a phone second.

    Therefore I wouldn’t care if the iPhone 5 was 1/2 the price of the Note 2, I still wouldn’t even think about it for a second. I am having a nightmare trying to get audio recordings off my iphone simply because I have the audacity to ise more than 5 computers and the iphone wants me to be able to sync off the first computer i ever used that i do not have access to anymore. Trying to jump through a million hoops so that I can just simply drag a recording off the phone is just a pain in the behind.

    Bye bye apple, bye bye itunes. Good riddance. i am never looking back.

  6. JAMman

    08/18/2012 at 3:06 pm

    Yep, I’m getting the GNote 2 on day ONE, but…the iPhone 5 will outsell it by a huge margin and continue to make the iPhone brand the top-selling smartphone on the planet. Those of you old enough might remember the Apple TV commercial in the mid-80’s called “Lemmings” featuring a line of people marching blindly as they fell off a cliff, one after the other. It symbolized all the corporate types who followed IBM lock-step, without using their brains. Back then whatever IBM produced people bought with little consideration for anything else, such as Apple. Fast forward to 2012 and you’ll see the same line of lemmings falling off the cliff for the iPhone 5. It’s purely a marketing thing that Apple has perfected better than any other company. And by the way, I’m typing this rant on an iMac, so I’m not an Apple hater, just someone who understands how effectively Apple markets their products to an unknowing audience. So just watch as millions of lemmings wait in line outside Apple Stores to buy their iPhone 5. As Jobs would say…”It’s magical!”

  7. mike

    08/23/2012 at 11:31 am

    I have been an apple hardcore user since day one when the iphone came out. I was so pumped about the iphone, the iphone 4, and at one point the iphone 5. I have in recent months come to my senses and woke up out of a long apple trance that has lasted almost 6 years. The iphone is nothing more than a well marketed out of date device. People are thinking that they are receiving the best device on the market when they purchase the iphone when they are sadly mistaken. The rumors of the iphone 5 are nothing more than catching up to the competition around them. Plenty of phones already have 4g LTE as well as NFC, they have faster processors, way more ram and absolutely put the iphone to shame. Apple is bound to a set standard as far as their phone goes. If they change the product too much people freak out and wont buy it. On top of it all they have the most restricted device on the market. The iphone has capabilities far more than it is out of the box but it wont let you unless jailbroken. Why should i waste my hard earned money on a device that is just catching up…IM NOT. Apple users need to realize like I did that there are far superior phones on the market. I’ve played with an S3 its an amazing device. Its smooth, it does everything and more than an iphone does and the ICS os is as simple as ever to understand and transition from an iphone to a android device. I love it personally, its more customizable, your free to do just about anything with an android compared to the iphone. I use to hate android, i had blinders on to only apple nothing else. I picked up a note in the store and it blew me away, now for the past few months I’ve been eagerly and checking every day on updates on the new galaxy note 2. I am switching from apple and taking my business elsewhere to android. The apple UI has not changed since day one, they added folders thats about it. Frankly its boring to look at, and my phone looks no different then the guy/ girl sitting next to me. The iphone isn’t that special anymore, when they first came out it was amazing to see one. Now you look around and everyone and their grandmother has one. The iphone is no longer something to gawk at and i wish that blind apple users would come to their senses, like i have.

  8. Larry Oyims

    09/06/2012 at 12:52 pm

    I agree with you. Am an apple fan, I own an iPad 2 and was positioning for iPad 3 but I was disappointed apple did little to make it stand out. All along I have been waiting for the iPhone 5 but it’s like am not gonna have it. I’ve fallen in love with the Samsung galaxy note2 and I wouldnt wait to buy one. Apple is merely playing on our idiosyncrasies, it’s not really magical as Steve would have us believe. Larry Oyims

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