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5 Tips for Turning Your Car Into Your Office Escape



The best solution to many work from home complaints may be sitting in your driveway. The same features that make your car or truck perfect for long road trips can also make it the best place to take a zoom call, get some work done and offer better support than your kitchen chair.

Over the years we’ve done more work in cars than most people. Personally I’ve written enough words to publish a few novels from the passenger seat of several cars. During COVID-19 times I’ve been using the car as an escape to sing along to my favorite songs without annoying other people in the house.

Your car is more than just an escape, it offers up an excellent place to work. Whether you need better ergonomics, a quiet place for a call, somewhere to focus or you just need to change your scenery the solution is in your driveway, or perhaps your garage.

Coffee shops and cafes are out of the question for many of us right now, but with a hotspot in your car or on your phone, you can easily take your work anywhere that you can drive. I love to escape to a park, into nature, or just the top of a parking garage. Anything to change the scenery and give me a creativity boost. That said, simply sitting in your car in the drive can help when sitting in your work from home office is just too much for another day.

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Adam Tacey, an ergonomics engineer at Nissan, shares a few tips for making your car, SUV, or truck the perfect place to get work done. Tacey defined a good workspace as somewhere that has, comfort, quietness, and connectivity. These are some of the same features that make a car good for a long trip, and it just so happens that these can make your car a perfect office.

The Nissan Titan offers a work-ready interior.

Some vehicles like the Nissan Titan include specific work features like laptop storage and plenty of charging points that you can use to keep your laptop charged up for a longer work session.

You don’t need a specific car or loads of accessories to get work done in your car. Use these tips to turn your car into a refuge when you need to escape your roommates, kids or just change things up.

  1. Use the Ergonomics – The driver seat or passenger seat in your car can be a perfect place to get some work done. Move the seat back as far as it will go and then bring the seat back up forward more so that your sitting more upright. If you’re lucky enough to have a Nissan Zero Gravity seat in your vehicle, you may find that it’s better than the chair you have in your house. It’s also important to adjust the front edge of your car seat if you can.
  2. Take Calls in the Driver Seat – Are you taking a lot of calls or video calls? You can use the Bluetooth system in your car for a quiet place with great acoustics. Keep in mind that microphones may be aimed at the driver, so you will want to take calls there.
  3. Explore Connectivity – There is a good chance that your car offers a 4G LTE hotspot or that your phone supports this. Either option allows you to connect your laptop or tablet to get work done outside of the house.
  4. Use the Tailgate – If you have a pickup, you can use the tailgate with a box on it as a standing desk. Now you’re getting the benefits of standing for part of your day and you can also get some fresh air.
  5. Find a New Office Location – Your office is now mobile. Use this to your advantage and get to a park, out to nature, or just away from your house in a responsible manner.

I do most of my work in the passenger seat, but sit on the driver side for most calls.

During all of this, make sure you safely work form your car. It’s a good idea to keep the windows down so that the temperature is cool. If you are using the chargers and not running the car for your whole work session, make sure you start the car up at the end and take a small drive to keep the battery charged and in good condition. If you plan to run the car, back it out of your garage. Do not run the car in a confined space, or you can put yourself in danger.

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Tacey also recommends taking breaks from work in your car, the same way you do at your desk. Get up and walk a little, change positions slightly, and work some movement into your day.

We’ve been treating the car as an office for years, and it’s an even bigger escape now. When you’re ready, find a park, and change your view for your next work session.

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