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5 Walmart Black Friday 2017 Deals to Avoid



The Walmart Black Friday 2017 ad is full of great deals, but there are some that you need to avoid this year. From straight up bad Walmart Black Friday deals to those that just don’t make sense, you should be cautious before you get ready to buy. Even some of the Walmart Black Friday doorbusters make the list this year as they simply don’t offer enough value for what you get.

You definitely don’t want to stand in line with all the other Walmart Black Friday shoppers on Thanksgiving Day to buy these items, and many simply aren’t worth buying as part of the online Walmart Black Friday deals either.

As we examined the 2017 Walmart Black Friday ad, we found five items that stand out as bad buys this year. We recommend skipping these items, no matter how tempting the low prices are.

Don't waste your time on these Walmart Black Friday 2017 deals.

Don’t waste your time on these Walmart Black Friday 2017 deals.

While we’ve seen a massive uptick in good deals at Walmart over the last several years, we can still find some items that you should skip. When possible we will help you figure out what you should buy instead of that item. Even though the Walmart Black Friday tablets and TV deals are much better than in past, they still lead off our deals you shouldn’t buy.

Here are the Walmart Black Friday deals to avoid in 2017, and what you should spend your cash on instead.

Element 39-Inch Smart TV for $125

Element 39-Inch Smart TV for $125

While it's OK to skip a 4K TV and go for a HDTV this year if you want the cheapest TV option, it doesn't make sense to buy a 720P HDTV even if it has WiFi built in and offers apps. 

At the very least you should be looking for a 1080P HDTV on Black Friday, and potentially considering a 4K TV. This Walmart Black Friday doorbuster is for a 39-inch 720P TV, which is surprisingly still sold in a number of stores. 

Instead of buying a 720P Smart TV that you need to wait in line for, you would be better off looking on Amazon at the 49-inch 4k TV for $159.99 or looking for other deals that allow you to get a 39-inch 1080P TV and then plug in a Roku, Chromecast or other affordable streaming stick to make it a smart TV. 

Even with this super tempting price, this is a pass for anyone who cares about picture quality and long term usability of smart features. Here's the product page on Walmart, but there are no reviews yet. 


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