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65 Galaxy S6 Tips and Tricks



Master the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge with our list of helpful Galaxy S6 tips and tricks that can show you how to use your new smartphone and get the most value for your money. With the Galaxy S6 tips below you can learn how to use the Edge screen, great new camera, Android Lollipop software and other features without reading a boring manual or spending hours looking in the settings.

We’ll even share hidden Galaxy S6 features like how to add more storage, connect the SD card from your DSLR and other cool features that you had no idea were included as part of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.

You don’t need to read the Galaxy S6 manual to learn how to use the Galaxy S6 the right way and to get use out of all of the features that samsung packs inside. We’ll help you learn about how to use your new Samsung Galaxy S6 with videos and step-by-step guides that show you what your phone can do.

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The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge share most of the same features, but there are a few on our list that only work on the Galaxy S6 Edge. We’ll call those out so you know what not to try.

Read our Galaxy S6 tips and tricks to learn everything you need to know about using the Galaxy S6.

Read our Galaxy S6 tips and tricks to learn everything you need to know about using the Galaxy S6.

Many of these Galaxy S6 tips and tricks are buried in the settings and hidden away behind another tap that most users will miss. You may see some of these Galaxy S6 tips in ads, but we’ll show you how to use them. With over 60 Galaxy S6 tips and tricks, it’s only a matter of time before you are an expert.

[contextly_sidebar id=”5N09Wsxt4PqsMMCtLwihuW7GSD8UMf6B”]Almost all of these Galaxy S6 tips and tricks are free to use. For a few you will need to buy a [easyazon_link identifier=”B00GM0OZ4O” locale=”US” tag=”gbm-ea-20″]USB OTG adapter[/easyazon_link] or an accessory, but for most you just need to know where to look. You don’t need to root the Galaxy S6 or install a custom ROM either, everything we show you works right out of the box.

We are using the Verizon Galaxy S6 and Verizon Galaxy S6 Edge to demonstrate these features, but almost all these features work on every carrier in the U.S. and abroad. If you don’t see an option it is possible that your carrier removed it, or you may need to download an app.

Forget the 140 page Galaxy S6 manual and the 145 page Galaxy S6 Edge manual and learn how to use your new phone faster and easier.

65+ Galaxy S6 Edge & Galaxy S6 Tips & Tricks

Use our favorite Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 tips and tricks to unlock the full potential of your new smartphone. We’ll also include excellent Galaxy S6 hidden features that deliver access to do more with your smartphone so you can leave your computer at home. These special Galaxy S6 features aren’t mentioned in the Galaxy S6 manual and will help you get more out of your smartphone.

How to Use Galaxy S6 Easy Mode

You can use the Easy Mode on the Samsung galaxy S6 to make the smartphone much easier to use. When you turn on Easy Mode the home screen shows a bigger clock, bigger icons, shortcuts to contacts, easier access to a magnifier app and essentially makes the phone easier for first time smartphone owners.

Go to Settings -> Easy Mode -> Easy Mode On to set this up. You can watch the video above and check out our guide to using Easy Mode on the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge for more.

Use Galaxy Galaxy S6 Quick Settings

Change your Galaxy S6 settings with these shortcuts.

Change your Galaxy S6 settings with these shortcuts.

If you are always using the same settings, you can skip the scrolling and add items to your Galaxy S6 Settings menu right at the top.

Go to Settings -> Tap the Plus at the top of the screen and then place check marks next to the Settings you want fast access to.

When you are finished press back and you will see these at the top of your Settings screen form now on. You can add up to 9 options.

Search The Galaxy S6

Use S Finder to search your Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge.

Use S Finder to search your Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge.

You can quickly search the Galaxy S6 using S Finder. This searches settings, files, apps and contacts — basically everything on your phone.

Pull down the Notification drawer and swipe right to left until you see S Finder. Tap on this to open the Galaxy S6 search tool. Now you can type anything you want to find and you’ll see the items on your Galaxy S6 show up. Tap on any of these to open the file or item.

Customize Galaxy S6 Notification Settings

When you pull down the Notification drawer on the Galaxy S6 you’ll see a list of settings you can tap on to toggle and tap and hold on to go into the settings. if you don’t see the option you want, or you need to swipe all the time, you can customize these.

Tap on the pencil in the upper right. Now you can tap and hold and then drag to re-arrange the items. You can move the ones you want to use most up to the top row so that you can always quickly turn an item on or off. When the items are where you want them, tap Done.

Use Google Now on the Galaxy S6

Samsung includes Google Now on the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge and it is very easy to use. The first time you use it on the device you need to opt in, but after that you can just press and hold the home button to open Google Now.

Google Now shows you cards that include info that you might find useful like packages coming to your house, news from recent searches, time to travel to a location, your parking spot, and much more.

Use the Galaxy S6 Flashlight

Use the Galaxy S6 flashlight faster.

Use the Galaxy S6 flashlight faster.

You can quickly add a Galaxy S6 flashlight shortcut without downloading a flashlight to your phone. You need to edit the settings like we showed in the Notification settings above and add the flashlight by dragging ad dropping it to one of the first five spots.

Now, when you want to use it, just pull down the notification center and tap on flashlight. This works even when your phone is locked.

Use Galaxy S6 Do Not Disturb mode

Set up Do Not Disturb schedules.

Set up Do Not Disturb schedules.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Do Not Disturb mode makes it easier to sleep with the Galaxy S6 in the same room and lets you quiet the phone during meetings. You can tap on Do Not Disturb in the Notification Settings, but it is easier to use schedules and customize what can come through.

Go to Settings -> Sounds & notifications -> Do Not Disturb. From here you can set up a Do Not Disturb schedule and tap on Allow exceptions to make sure alarms still sound and allow other people to get through as well.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Camera Tips & Tricks

Samsung did a wonderful job of cleaning up the camera interface so that the cool features aren’t as hard to find, but you’ll still need to learn how to use the Galaxy S6 camera. In the video below we walk through 20 specific Galaxy S6 camera tips and tricks to take your photos to the next level.

Watch the video for a full look at how to use these settings on the Galaxy S6 camera. Below is a short list with description and information, but you’ll learn more by following along on the video.

  1. Quick Camera – Double tap the home button from anywhere to launch the camera fast, so you can take a photo. 
  2. Camera Settings – Tap on the camera settings cog to change to recording 4K video, and to adjust the other options that we’ll walk through below. 
  3. Voice Control – With Voice Control turned on in the settings, you can say “Cheese”, “Capture”, “Smile” or “Shoot” to take a photo and “Record video” to record a video. 
  4. Volume Shutter –  Use the volume button to take a photo, record a video or zoom, depending on your choice in settings. 
  5. Tracking Auto Focus – The Galaxy S6 camera includes a Tracking Auto Focus option that can keep an object in focus as it moves across the screen. You need to turn this on in Settings. 
  6. Video Stabilization – Use this option in settings to help prevent shaky video. You cannot use it with Tracking Auto Focus turned on.
  7. Selective Focus – Tap on Mode and then on Selective Focus. Now take a photo where you are within 20 inches of your subject and the camera will take multiple shots and then allow you to choose the focus to blur parts for dramatic effect. 
  8. Virtual Shot – Virtual Shot allows you to walk around an object to create a cool virtual walk around. It’s handy for showing off a new car, awesome statue or amazing dress. Find this in the modes.
  9. Pro Mode – Pro Mode on the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge lets you control metering, ISO, white balance, focus and save custom settings. 
  10. Download Modes – When in the camera, tap on Modes and then on Download to download many other Galaxy S6 camera modes that you may be used to on the Galaxy S5 or Galaxy S4. 
  11. Slow Motion – Tap on Mode, slow motion and then record a video. In the gallery you can use the sliders to change the slow motion section and overall clip length. 
  12. Fast Motion – Tap on Mode, fast motion and then record a video. In the gallery you can use the sliders to change the fast motion section and overall clip length. This works best when filming action at normal speed, that looks amazing at faster speeds. 
  13. Quick Switch Modes – Swipe in from the left edge for fast access to modes so you can switch while shooting.
  14. Add Themes to Your Photos – Tap on the Effect button to apply live filters to your photos so you can see the best look before you snap the shutter.
  15. Burst Photos –  Press and hold the shutter button, or the volume button if you have that set up, to take burst photos very fast. 
  16. HDR Live View – Tap on the HDR option on the left of the screen to see what HDR photos will look like before you take the photo and to automatically turn on when you need it, even if you don’t know that you do.
  17. Photos to Text – Download the Optical Reader from the Samsung Store. Tap on this in the app section on your phone. Point the camera at text and it will turn the photo into real text you can cop y and paste into another document or chat window. 
  18. Wide Selfie – When you switch to the front facing camera tap on mode and choose Wide Selfie. Tilt the Galaxy S6 side to side to include more people in the photo.
  19. Take a Selfie With The Sensor – In the main Selfie mode you can smile and then put your finger on the heart rate sensor to snap a photo.
  20. Beauty Mode – Tap on Beauty in the top of the camera options when using the front-facing camera. This will soften glare and any wrinkles.

Now that you know how to use the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge camera, you can practice learning when to use each option and you’ll be an expert before you know it.

Track Your Health

Get in shape with your Galaxy S6.

Get in shape with your Galaxy S6.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge includes the S Health app. This app lets you track your health and activity without the need to buy an app or an accessory. It uses sensors in the Galaxy S6 and the input that you give it to deliver a picture of your health. This app can also help you track your heart rate, stress level and more.

It is possible to add in other apps and to connect to a wearable device if you have one, but you can do a lot just with your phone. Go to Apps -> Samsung folder -> S Health to get started.

Set up Galaxy S6 Edge Contacts

Use Edge Notifications for easy access to your contacts.

Use Edge Notifications for easy access to your contacts.

Add up to five Galaxy S6 Edge contacts to the Edge Contacts feature so that the screen lights up a special color when these contacts call you.

Swipe in form the upper right edge where there is a small gray mark on your Galaxy S6 Edge home screen and then tap on the plus icon of a color to add a contact. You can repeat this with four additional contacts. You can also tap on the settings cog to edit the Edge Contacts. The color you choose will show who is calling when the Galaxy S6 Edge is face down.

Use Galaxy S6 Edge Notifications & Information Stream

You can also add Notificatiosn for apps, rss feeds and other important information to the Galaxy S6 Edge. The Edge Notifications only cover a few apps, but the Galaxy S6 Edge Information Stream offers more options including all of the notifications in your Notification drawer.

Go to Settings -> Edge Screen -> Information Stream. Then use this guide to customize what you see.

To access the information stream, you need to swipe up and down the edge of the screen when the display is off. The video above outlines how this works.

Turn on Edge Clock

Turn on the Galaxy S6 Edge night clock.

Turn on the Galaxy S6 Edge night clock.

If you want to see what the time is at a glance you can turn on the Edge Clock. During a period you choose, up to 12 hours, the Galaxy S6 Edge display will light up the time and date on the edge of the screen.

Settings -> Edge Screen -> On. From there you can set the time that the Edge Clock starts and stops

You can control the edge of the screen this shows up on in the main Galaxy S6 Edge Settings options.

Use Quick Reply on the Galaxy S6 Edge

Put your finger on the heart rate sensor to send a quick reply.

Put your finger on the heart rate sensor to send a quick reply.

Another handy Galaxy S6 Edge feature is to send a quick reply when you cannot take a call. When a call comes in you can hold your finger on the heart rate sensor for a second or two and then it will send a canned message.

Go to Settings -> Edge Screen -> Edge lighting -> Quick Reply. This turns the setting on and this is where you can edit the message so it is more informative and less of a commercial for the Galaxy S6 Edge.

How to use a SD card with the Galaxy S6

If you buy a USB OTG cable and a SD card USB reader you can connect a SD card to the Galaxy S6. This is a handy way to move photos from your DSLR to the Galaxy S6 so you can share them on Facebook or upload them to another service. A USB OTG cable is less than $5 and USB SD card readers are also pretty affordable on Amazon.

Plug the USB OTG cable into the Galaxy S6 Micro USB port, plug the USB SD card reader in and then insert your SD card. The Galaxy S6 will open the My Files app and let you browse, copy and access the photos and videos on the SD card.

Add Storage to the Galaxy S6

The Sandisk Wireless Flash Drive and the WiFi Media Drive let users connect wirelessly to watch videos, play music and access files. These all connect by WiFi to the Galaxy S6 and you can then plug them in to the USB drive on a computer to move files over to them.

It is easy to use and it works great, plus you can add more storage with a Micro SD card or SD card depending on the model. You will need to keep these charged up though.

How to use a USB Drive with the Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge

If you buy a USB OTG cable, you can plug any flash drive into that and connect to the Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge. This option is handy if you already own a cable or want to connect other items. if you just want a flash drive that works with the Galaxy S6, the Sandisk USB OTG flash drive is a handy option that is tiny and works like a charm.

Plug either of these in to your computer to add content to them and then plug them in to the Galaxy S6 when you want to access the files. As soon as you plug in the files app will launch and you can use them in the existing Android apps on your phone.

Charge the Galaxy S6 Faster

If you use the right charger, you can charge the Galaxy S6 faster thanks to QuickCharge 2.0 technology. For this to work you need the charger that came with your phone, or one of these spares, and you need to plug in directly to the phone. Wireless charging will not work here.

The screen also needs to be off for fast charging to work, so you cannot use the phone while this happens. While fast charging, the battery can go from below 10% to 50% in about 30 minutes.

Use Galaxy S6 Ultra Power Saving Mode

Save battery life with Ultra Power Saving Mode.

Save battery life with Ultra Power Saving Mode.

You cannot remove the Galaxy S6 battery and stick a spare in, but you don’t need to always carry a battery pack with you. Samsung includes an Ultra Low Power Mode that lets you stretch the last 10% of battery life out for hours instead of minutes.

The fastest way to turn this on is to go into the Quick Settings option in the Notification drawer. Tap on Ultra Power Saving Mode. You’ll see a list of how long your current battery will last you.

With 37% battery life left, the Galaxy S6 Edge can last almost two days in this mode. The screen is gray and location services are off, plus cellular data stops when the screen is off. Even with these concessions you can still use most smartphone functions.

How to Change Galaxy S6 Themes

Samsung includes an option to change the look of your Galaxy S6 using themes. You can use some stock themes and download other themes including Avengers Age of Ultron themes and many more.

Go to Settings -> Themes -> Tap on one to use it. If you need more Galaxy S6 themes tap on Store. Find the themes you want and tap download. So far all the themes are free. Once downloaded go back to the Theme settings to activate.

How to Fit More apps On Your Galaxy S6 Home Screen

Show more apps on your home screen.

Show more apps on your home screen.

If you like keeping more apps or widgets on your Galaxy S6 home screen, you can change the grid size. You can also use this tip to make the icons bigger and fit fewer items on your home screen.

Tap and hold in an open area of your home screen. When the settings appear tap on Screen grid. Choose the screen grid you want to use. You may need to re-organize your Galaxy S6 apps and widgets when you are done.

How to Use Smartlock on the Galaxy S6

With Android 5.0 Lollipop on the Galaxy S6 you can keep the Galaxy S6 unlocked when it is connected to trusted Bluetooth devices or in a trusted location. We use this to keep the phone unlocked at home, in the car and while using Bluetooth headphones.

Go to Settings -> Lock screen and security -> Secure lock settings -> Smart Lock. Here you can add accessories or locations to your phone. Once you ad all of them your phone should unlock without using a pass code or fingerprint reader.

Unlock Galaxy S6 With Fingerprint

The Samsung Galaxy S6 fingerprint sensor is vastly better than in year’s past and it’s an essential part of securing your phone and your information inside the phone.

Go to Settings -> Lock screen and security -> Fingerprint -> Add a Fingerprint.

Place your finger on the home key and lift it off. Repeat until your print is registered, switching the position halfway through when prompted.

You can train up to four fingers. You can tap and hold on a fingerprint to rename it and to delete it.

Get Free Subscriptions and Storage on Galaxy S6

Get free apps and subscriptions with your Galaxy S6.

Get free apps and subscriptions with your Galaxy S6.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge include Galaxy Gifts. These include free apps, free in app purchase credit and free subscriptions.

On the third home screen there is a Galaxy Gifts option to tap on. This will load the special part of the app store with free deals that include free audiobooks, free ebooks, free subscriptions to The Economist, Evernote Premium, Endomondo Premium, NYT subscription, LastPass Premium and more. There’s even a free Uber ride for new users.

Take A Galaxy S6 Screenshot

Push the power and home button at the same time to take a screenshot.

Push the power and home button at the same time to take a screenshot.

You can take a Galaxy S6 screenshot to share something on your screen, save a Snapchat or just make sure you don’t lose whatever you are looking at.

Press and hold the power and home button at the same time. This saves your current screen to the Gallery and Photos apps. You can also find the last screenshot you took in the Notification Drawer.

Upgrade from iPhone or Android to Galaxy S6

Upgrade from an Android to the Galaxy S6 easier.

Upgrade from an Android to the Galaxy S6 easier.

Samsung makes it easy to switch from an older Android phone to the Galaxy S6. Go to the Samsung App Store on your Galaxy S6. Under Essentials you’ll see Samsung Galaxy Smart Switch. Download this app.

Open the app and agree to the terms. Choose to upgrade from an Android device and then download the Smart Switch app on the old phone from Google Play. You’ll need to place the phones near each other and follow the directions to transfer your contacts, photos and more from one device to the other. You can choose what you send over.

Switch from iPhone to Galaxy S6

Switch from iPhone to Galaxy S6 using iCloud or a cable.

Switch from iPhone to Galaxy S6 using iCloud or a cable.

You can also use the Samsung Smart Switch app to switch from iPhone to Galaxy S6. You can import your information from iCloud or you can connect a USB OTG cable to your Galaxy S6 and then use an iPhone charging cable to connect the two devices for a direct transfer.

Download Samsung Galaxy Smart Switch from the Samsung Store. Open the app and agree to the terms and choose iPhone.

Follow the directions on screen. If you need a USB OTG cable you can buy one on Amazon for less than $5.

Use the Galaxy S6 as a Remote Control

Control your HDTV with the Galaxy S6.

Control your HDTV with the Galaxy S6.

There is an IR port on the top of the Galaxy S6 that can control your HDTV and other home entertainment devices.

In the app drawer you’ll find the Peel Smart Remote. It may be in the Samsung folder on the first page. Open the app, pick your TV provider and then provide your age so you can get recommendations.

Next up follow the set up guide to connect your TV and your cable or satellite box, plus another other entertainment devices.

Use Galaxy S6 Emergency Mode

Turn on Emergency Mode when you need power and connectivity.

Turn on Emergency Mode when you need power and connectivity.

Samsung includes a special Emergency Mode that allows users to limit how much power the phone uses and to make the battery last longer and help you connect with others.

This is similar to Ultra Power Saving Mode, but it is located in Settings -> Privacy & Safety -> Emergency Mode. Toggle it on, accept the terms and then tap on Turn on.

How to Use S Voice on the Galaxy S6

Set a wake up command to use S Voice easier.

Set a wake up command to use S Voice easier.

S Voice is still on the Galaxy S6 to act as a personal assistant, but you cannot activate it with a push of your home button anymore.

Go to Apps -> Samsung folder -> S Voice. Agree to the terms and conditions then train it to use a Wake Up Command that you can use to launch S Voice at any time.

After it is set up, you can summon it with that command and ask it to do many tasks on your Galaxy S6 without touching it.

How to Use Galaxy S6 Hotspot

Share the internet connection from your Galaxy S6 to another device like a laptop or tablet. On the Verizon model it is a available right in the Notification Quick Settings, but this isn’t an option on the AT&T model. More details on how to use the Galaxy S6 hotspot.

You can always go to Settings -> More -> Mobile Hotspot -> On. Tap on More in the upper corner to Configure Mobile Hotpot. This is where you can change the name and password. We recommend doing both.

How to use the Galaxy S6 to Make Payments

Samsung Pay will arrive this summer to let you make payments with your Samsung Galaxy S6 at magnetic stripe card readers, but you can use Google Wallet right now with any credit card or bank.

Google Wallet uses NFC, which is built-in to the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. To use it you must add the cards before you go out and then open Google Wallet, enter your Pin and hold the phone to a NFC card reader. This option only works with newer registers, so keep that in mind.

How to Print from the Galaxy S6

Print right form your Galaxy S6.

Print right form your Galaxy S6.

You can print from your Galaxy S6 to a WiFi printer, but you may need a special plugin. To get started go to Settings -> More -> Printing. Here you can tap on Download a Plug in to look for the plugin that matches your printer.

After it installs from the Play Store go back to the Printing menu and turn it on. When you do this it should find your printer.

Now when you want to print from the Galaxy S6 you should go to Share -> Print -> Choose your printer -> tap the printer icon.

How to Keep the Galaxy S6 Screen On

Keep the Galaxy S6 screen on when you are looking at it.

Keep the Galaxy S6 screen on when you are looking at it.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 can keep the display on when you are looking at it by using sensors on the front of the device. this is very handy if you routinely hand your phone to a relative to look at photos of a kid or vacation and the screen goes off.

Go to Galaxy S6 Settings -> Display and Wallpaper -> Smart Stay -> On.  That’s all you need to do. When it keeps the screen on you’ll see a small eye show in the Notification area.

How to Make the Galaxy S6 Sound Better

Here's how to customize the Galaxy S6 sound.

Here’s how to customize the Galaxy S6 sound.

Samsung includes an option to customize the Galaxy S6 sound to your ears for when you are wearing headphones. This is called Adapt Sound. There is also an option for virtual surround sound and for tube sound that will mimic a tube amplifier.

Go to Settings -> Sounds & notifications -> Sound quality and effects. Here you can turn on and train Adapt sound. You need to train this in a quiet area with headphones on.

You can also turn on SoundAlive+ or Tube Amp when headphones are connected for a virtual sound effect.

How to Use Galaxy S6 Motions & Gestures

Control the Galaxy S6 motions and gestures.

Control the Galaxy S6 motions and gestures.

Samsung did slim down the motion and gesture controls, but there are still a few options packed in the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Go to Settings -> Motions and gestures and turn on the options you want. 

You can make a call when lifting the phone to your head from a message, get smart alerts, mute the phone and take a screenshot with your palm.

How to Find a Lost Galaxy S6

Samsung includes a new Find My Mobile option that lets you track a lost or Stolen Galaxy S6 and prevents someone else from re-activating it.

Go to Settings -> Lock screen and security -> Find My Mobile. Login with your Samsung account or fingerprint and then turn on remote controls, Google Location service and Reactivation lock.

If you lose your phone you can go to the Find My Mobile site and locate your device. You can ring the device, lock it, wipe it, turn on emergency mode or Ultra Power Saving mode and even grab the call logs. There is an option to remotely unlock it as well.

How to Use Galaxy S6 Private Mode

If you want to lock down files, photos and information so that even if you hand an unlocked phone to someone they cannot get access, you can use Private Mode.

Go to Settings -> Privacy and safety -> Private Mode -> Choose method to lock the data. Set a backup Pin . You can also turn on an Auto off feature so private mode will disable and hide your data if you forget to turn it off.

When in Gallery, Video, Music, Voice Recorder or My Files you can go to More and choose Move to Private.

How to Send a SOS Help Message

Send an SOS message when you need help.

Send an SOS message when you need help.

If you want the option to quickly send your location, photos and audio to someone in the event of an emergency you can turn on SOS mode.

Go to Settings -> Privacy and safety -> Send SOS messages.  Now when you are in trouble you can tap the power button three times to send photos, location and audio information to in an emergency. When in trouble just press the power button three times fast.

How to Use Galaxy S6 Flash for Notifications

Make the LED flash for notifications.

Make the LED flash for notifications.

if you need more of a notification than you would normally get from the galaxy S6, you can turn the flash into a bright notification that is sure to get your attention.

Go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Hearing -> Flash Notification -> On. Keep in mind this is very bright, so don’t look directly at it when your phone rings. Turn the phone over to stop flashing.

How to Supercharge the Galaxy S6 Keyboard

You can supercharge the Galaxy S6 keyboard in a few key ways that will help you type faster and with fewer typos. Many handy settings are on, but you can manage these in the keyboard settings.

Open an app with a text field so that the keyboard is open. Press and hold on the microphone button to the left of the space bar. Tap on the Settings cog.

Tap on Auto check Spelling. Turn it on and choose your language. make sure the Auto options below this match your typing style.

Tap on text Shortcuts to enter short letter combinations that can fill in a longer block of information. Use this for an email address, job title, common email reply or anything you want to type faster. You can also turn off Galaxy S6 keyboard sound and vibration and even adjust the overall size of the keyboard.

On the main keyboard screen you can use the microphone to dictate to your phone for faster typing. If you tap and hold the microphone and then choose the option next to settings you can use  smaller keyboard.

Tap on any of the learned words that come up in recommendations and hold on it to remove it from the library of learned words.

How to Use Galaxy S6 Emoji

You can use the Galaxy S6 Emoji keyboard without downloading any special emoji options. Just open the keyboard on a regular text field. Tap and hold on the microphone and then on the smile face.

Now you can add emoji to your messages and quickly switch back to text without changing keyboards or messing with other apps. Here’s more on using Galaxy S6 emoji.

How to Use Galaxy S6 Kid Mode

Use kid mode on the Galaxy S6.

Use kid mode on the Galaxy S6.

You can download a free Galaxy S6 Kids mode app from the Samsung App Store. This lets you lock your phone to a special app for kids so that he or she doesn’t call or message co workers and friends or delete important information.

Set up a pin and a password that a kid cannot guess. Enter information about your kids and add apps that you want them to access and use. While in Kids mode they cannot access your apps and data, but they can still have fun. You can also go to Parental controls to see what apps your kid uses, set limits and add media from your device.

Make a Folder on the Galaxy S6

Make a new folder and customize the color.

Make a new folder and customize the color.

You can add a folder to your Galaxy S6 app drawer or home screen and change the color of the folder for easy organization.

Tap and hold on one of the apps and then drag it on top of another app icon. The background will change color and you can lift your finger off the screen to make a folder.

Name the folder and then tap the color palette to the right to change the folder background color.

To add another app, just drag and drop that app to the folder as well. To remove an app from the folder open the folder and tap and hold on the app until you can move it out of the folder.



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    12/01/2015 at 9:15 am

    I’m with Michelle and Nancyo. Regardless of keyboard I use, my S6 is endlessly suggesting learned words in the form of obsucre e-mail addresses that I don’t recognize. It seems they are e-mail addresses which either sent an e-mail to my gmail at some point, or were CC’d on an e-mail sent to my gmail at some point.

    When i clear the data (settings > application management and find the keyboard app you’re using. Open that and hit the clear data button) it fixes it for maybe a day, and starts beck up again with the same suggested words or e-mail addresses. It gets restored somehow. When I long press and delete one word/e-mail address, it too is back within a day.

    We need a fix.

  9. Gurcharan Singh Chawla

    02/04/2016 at 1:02 pm

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was put on charge and remained on for more than 6 hours. Now it is off. May be of overcharge/overheat? What is the procedure to bring it to normal?

  10. Frank

    05/19/2016 at 11:35 am

    Clear learned words; “settings – language and input – samsung keyboard – reset settings – clear personalized data”

    • nancyo

      07/06/2016 at 6:10 am

      Thanks, will give it a try!

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