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7 Exciting Final Fantasy 7 Remake Details



It Might Be More Than Your Standard Remake

It Might Be More Than Your Standard Remake

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer didn't reveal too much about the game but Square Enix’s Tetsuya Nomura has revealed some more details this week after sit down sessions with Dengeki and Famitsu.

According to Nomura, this game is not your standard remake. He says that a simply including cosmetic changes wouldn't do the game justice so it sounds like there will be more than just the standard graphics upgrades old games typically get. 

He also reveals that there might be new plot devices in the game given the presence of writer Kazushige Nojima. He doesn't offer any specifics but it's sounding like the Remake won't be the exact same game as the title that arrived in 1997. That has us, and many others, excited. 

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