7 Exciting iPhone 5s iOS 9 Features
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7 Exciting iPhone 5s iOS 9 Features



Enhanced iPhone 5s Battery Life

Enhanced iPhone 5s Battery Life

We've been monitoring the iPhone 5s' performance for a few years now and one of the biggest complaints that we see has to do with battery drain. iPhone 5s users are constantly complaining about battery life, particularly after major iOS updates. 

Well, Apple's heard your pleas because the iOS 9 update is going to bring additional charge to the iPhone 5s and other iOS 9 powered devices. 

Apple company says that "apps and key technologies have been made more efficient to trim battery usage wherever possible" which means that devices new and old should see some improvements." This, in turn, should lead to nearly one hour of additional battery life. That's absolutely huge for a two year old phone. 

iOS 9 will also bring a new low energy mode that limits network connectivity. Limiting your network connectivity could you an additional three hours of battery life. That's going to be huge if you're in a tight spot without a charger. 

We're really excited because it's clear that Apple isn't feeding us a tall tale. These are tangible benefits to the iPhone 5s' overall battery life. That's something to get excited about. 

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