7 Exciting iPhone 5s iOS 9 Features
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7 Exciting iPhone 5s iOS 9 Features



Performance Boost

Performance Boost

We hear a lot of complaints about battery life and we also hear occasional complaints about poor performance. Over the past two years, many iPhone 5s users have complained about UI lag and more. Well, seems Apple was listening to those complaints too. 

iOS 9 is bringing new apps and new search features but it's also bringing a performance boost. This is going to be huge for an aging phone like the iPhone 5s. These improvements come thanks to Apple's Metal platform for developers

The company claims that apps that take advantage of Metal will make better "use of the CPU and GPU to deliver faster scrolling, smoother animation, and better overall performance." To us, this is one of the most exciting iOS 9 features coming to the iPhone 5s because it helps to extend the life of a phone that came out in 2013. 

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