7 Exciting Smartphones for 2015
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7 Exciting Smartphones for 2015



Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 might just be the best big screen smartphone on the planet. With the Galaxy Note series trending in the right direction, we can't help but to feel excited about what Samsung might do with next year's model, a device that we'll call Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

The Galaxy Note 5 release date is rumored for August though that is a rumor and far from concrete. Release dates have a tendency to change in the months leading up to launch as companies work to get production and all of the other loose ends tied up. That's Samsung usual window but we aren't putting our eggs in one basket just yet.

Rumors suggest that we could see a Galaxy Note 5 with an Ultra HD display, better than the Quad HD display found on the Galaxy Note 4. That's pretty exciting to us. So is the potential for other improvements to things like the S Pen, processor, and the overall look and feel.

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