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7-inch Wikipad Gaming Tablet Coming This Spring for $249



The Wikipad is back with a new 7-inch gaming tablet slated for this spring, while the 10-inch version should come out later this year.

The new 7-inch Wikipad has many of the same features as the 10-inch version of the gaming tablet, but in a smaller package. The 7-inch tablet still has the specialized controller for playing Android games. Wikipad says it improved the responsiveness of the dual analog sticks for the new tablet, and the face buttons now have letters to signify them.

The 7-inch WIkipad uses an NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor and has a 1280×800 display, both of which are similar to the current Nexus 7. The tablet will have 16GB of storage space to store games and other apps, and has a microSD card slot so users can add another 32GB of storage.Wikipad-WP005-Press1-20130206

The Wikipad runs Android 4.1, with no noticeable skin laid on top of it. The tablet does come with a few pre-installed apps, however. The Wikipad comes with apps for the TegraZone, PlayStation Mobile and Big Fish Games. The press release also mentions OnLive, but the images don’t show the OnLive app on the tablet’s display.

While the focus of the Wikipad is on gaming, users have the option of removing the gamepad and using it as a regular Android tablet. The Wikipad will run any Android app from the Google Play Store. Based on the device’s specs it should run just about as well as the Nexus 7.Wikipad-WP005-Press3-20130206

The 7-inch Wikipad will launch this spring for $249, where it will likely compete with the NVIDIA Project Shield. The Shield uses a faster Tegra 4 processor and can stream PC games, which the Wikipad tablet can’t. The Wikipad also has functionality as a tablet, however, which the Shield doesn’t have.

Wikipad promises the 10-inch tablet it first announced will still come to store shelves this year, but it won’t promise a specific date.

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