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7 Smartphones You Shouldn’t Buy Right Now



With the fall fast approaching and several big time smartphone launches on the way, there are several well-known smartphones that buyers should avoid, at least for right now.

We’ve seen numerous big time smartphone launches over the course of 2013 including April’s HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 and several newer smartphones including the Sony Xperia Z for T-Mobile, the HTC One Mini for AT&T, and Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Active and Galaxy S4 Zoom.

Those devices joined a lineup that was already rife with left over talent from 2012 including the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, HTC One X+, iPhone 5 and Google’s Nexus 4. With summer now coming to a close though, we’re starting to see what companies have in store for the holidays.

Apple, Google, LG, and Samsung, to name a few, have several big name devices slated for arrival, devices that will more than likely trump at least some of the devices that have been on the top of shopping list throughout 2013.

Over the rest of 2013, we will see several big name smartphones arrive. While some of them are likely months away, there are several that are only weeks away from touching down on shelves, something that puts shoppers in an interesting position.

Those looking for a smartphone in the weeks ahead face very some tough decisions as they must decide whether it’s best to wait for a smartphone or simply pick up what companies are offering right now. It’s not an easy decision and it’s one that no consumer should take lightly.

There are, however, some devices that we believe should not be bought right now. We’re not saying that they shouldn’t be bought at all, but that right now, in these coming weeks, they should be avoided for one reason or another.

That said, here are the seven smartphones that we think you shouldn’t buy right now.

iPhone 5

iPhone 5

While this might come as a bit of a shock to some, we recommend holding off on buying Apple's current flagship, the iPhone 5, for the moment.

For one, the iPhone 5 successor, the iPhone 5S is on the way with a rumored launch date of September 10th. At that point, it will likely replace the iPhone 5 and offer a better camera, processor and some unique features including a fingerprint reader.

At that point, the iPhone 5 should drop in price as well, possibly down to $100 on-contract. So, waiting is a win-win situation. Either you buy the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 5 comes with a discounted price.



  1. David Rose

    08/29/2013 at 3:39 pm

    Nexus 4 at 199 is WORTH buying…and almost sure to get 5.0 update. Poor Advice in my humble opinion unless the person buying is requiring latest hardware at all times.

    • chazzmatt

      08/29/2013 at 6:20 pm

      It’s just that the $199 price is for the 8GB storage. You really need at the least the 16GB, which is $249. (My wife and I have Gen 3 Galaxy Nexus, both 16GB models — so I know.) So, you are paying $250 for a year-old Nexus 4 with 4.7″ 720p, when in November you can have a 5.2″ 1080p (with super slim bezel) Nexus 5 with Snapdragon 800 for $350.

      I’m not buying a Nexus 4 even at a discounted price because then I would have two “old” Nexus to sell when get the Nexus 5. :) Plus my wife’s old Nexus. I’ve waited this long, I’m getting the Nexus 5.

    • chazzmatt

      08/29/2013 at 6:22 pm

      For a teenager’s first phone or something, yeah. The Nexus 4 would be great. Beats any of the iPhones on the list. Quad core, 4.7″, 720p, 2GB RAM. But for people who really know smartphones, just wait a couple more months and get the FANTASTIC Nexus 5 for $100 more…

  2. George

    08/30/2013 at 1:11 am

    love how phones with perfectly decent hardware for the next couple years are dismissed as bad purchases even when they’re good value to buy.

    as a previous poster says, if you must have the very latest phone then maybe don’t buy these (people like that have to be prepared to change phones at least once a year though to remain in that position) but for everyone else they’re worth considering on their merits.

  3. Bugfan1

    09/02/2013 at 12:48 pm

    I love it when these loons from certain websites tell you which phones you should NOT buy now. I have always done my homework when it comes to electronics. I’m sure MANY more people are just like I am. I owned the very 1st I-phone that was released. Back then cellular signal strength was horrid where we lived. But I could pick up on my old trusty Nokia. Then the Motorola Star-Tac. But I got “NO BARS” on that I-phone. So after that I was just never interested in the I-phone. Last year I upgraded to the Samsung G-3. I listened to so many people talking about how it was nothing but a cheap piece of plastic. Got news for those people. It’s the best cheap piece of plastic I have ever owned. I absolutely love this phone.

    Then one of my good friends got the I-phone 5. He liked the fact that this I-phone was larger than the others. He begged me just to look at it & play with it for awhile. I did like the phone. And I also liked everything this phone would do. So I started reading more about it. And went to many different websites collecting info on it. A couple of months after that I decided I wanted it. So I bought it. Still have my Galaxy. I won’t get rid of it. But I’m using the I-phone 5 right at the moment. Now I hear people telling people they need to wait & not spend their money on the I-phone 5. Well I find that plain stupid. Why??? IMHO the I-phone 5 is top notch. There are still things on this phone I’m just learning about.

    I truly think they are just wanting to make sure people buy the 5c. But then what??? There will be a 5S right on it’s heels. And let us not forget the I-phone 6 is already being laid out. And as for the mega-pixels in the camera. People need to understand the higher the mega-pixel doesn’t ALWAYS mean it’s gonna take the best pictures. Because that’s not so. I think a person should just do their homework & if they want a certain cell phone just buy it.

    • Rick L

      09/13/2013 at 3:35 pm

      Bugfan1, I agree, if it does what you need and the price is right buy it. I have been in technology for about 30 years now and in that time I’ve learned many things, but one thing is always true, if you wait for the latest technology you will never buy anything. I had an uncle that wanted a large flat screen TV. He kept waiting because the next great TV was coming out in a few weeks with a must have feature, he ended up passing away before he ever got his TV…

      Personally I don’t like IOS or for that matter any Apple product, but that is my opinion and personal preference, it shouldn’t influence anyone else’s buying decision, just mine. For me I like Android, I started with a G1, then moved to a G2 (HTC, not LG) and my brand new Nexus 4 arrived yesterday. Yeah I could have waited until next month to get the Nexus 5, but you know what, I might get hit by a bus tomorrow and how embarrassed would my family be if they had to bury me with old G2 in my pocket…

      • BH

        09/16/2013 at 9:51 am

        I agree entirely. Every new electronic gadget purchased is an antique in a matter of months. Buy what you need at the price you can afford and be satisfied you got a good deal. Otherwise you will always be wasting money buying the next latest & greatest rather than enjoying what you have at the moment. I know…easier said than done.

  4. pluggyboyd

    09/17/2013 at 6:38 am

    Sorry but advising against buying a Nexus 4 is ridiculous. I just got the 16gb version and for the price there is absolutely no other phone on the market that comes close. Hell, even at full price it was a bargain! For users like me who just need a phone that works and can do a bit of web browsing, check the weather read an email etc the specs are MORE than adequate, so why spend more money to get spec that I simply don’t need? I’m quite happy being a year behind if it’s going to save me a large chunk of cash, then maybe next year I can sell it on and pick up a cut price Nexus 5…

  5. Aon Arts

    09/18/2013 at 10:56 am

    iPhone 5c is a “budget phone”. Anyone looking to buy the 5c would be better off with the 5. There are only very modest improvements from the 5 to the 5c, plus the appearance is greatly reduced. iPhone is still the best phone on the market, but anyone buying a 5c over a 5 is wasting money. Besides most carriers will reduce the price of the 5 so they can exhaust their existing supply. And since the 5 and the new flagship 5s are so similar in appearance, this should be the preffered option, since the 5c looks so cheap.

  6. mark

    09/19/2013 at 3:15 pm

    Not buy the 200$ nexus 4? horrible thing to say. if i could, i wouldd go back two days and buy up the rest of them and scalp them off ebay, because those things are selling like wildfire!

  7. Selvin

    12/28/2013 at 11:32 pm

    Im in this same frame of thought i have the i5 like 5s but hell not because of a gimick not worth it at all plus apple just had to piss me off by saying my five is crap tht cut me deep . If their i6 is worth it maby ill move on but less than a year and ur phone is crap dont fall for it thts a lot of money to waste so they can build more spaceships . What they could do for me is take tht spaceship fly it up there u know what .look 5 5s 5c still a 5 plus tht 5c is crap the 5 is still way better why not still sell 5 is all about (greed) plan and simple

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